• Cycling Eyewear Arrives at Always Riding

      There are only so many snappy titles a man can come up with. This one isn't too snappy. In fact it ranks alongside the factual, but underwhelming 'Croc eats man'. Descriptive, yes, but not the tantalisingly gory hard-hitter it could have been. Irrelevant foray into the newspaper business aside, the news is that yes, we have added a cycling eyewear category to Always Riding (as if you couldn't guess from our Pulitzer winning title) (...)
    • Cycling in La Gomera, Tenerife's plucky little cousin

      Barely known outside of an adventurous community of hikers, La Gomera also happens to be a great place to head off for a little cycle touring delight. Read how adventuresome Cath Harris cycled & explored this plucky little island. (...)
    • The Pedla - Behind the Scenes on their Summer Shoot

      Pedla, based in Southern Australia is one of the most rider centric brands we have come across. Meaning? They are constantly out in their own kit, testing every product thoroughly to ensure it lives up to the rigours of everyday riding and training. (...)
    • The Cappuccino King

      Bar Galligani-Il Re Del Cappuccino. The Cappuccino King. The tales were always out there about this mecca of mid-ride refreshment if the ears were attuned. In fleeting conversations with those who live and ride in the area, a lucky visitor introduced by someone in the know, or online, hidden amidst the din of social media to be picked up and pieced together as an intelligence officer might from the cacophony of intercepted global chatter. (...)
    • First Look - Alban Urban Pannier Bags

      Sometimes a cycling bag just reaches out and grabs your attention. Perhaps it’s a certain blend of features, an original design, or even an eyebrow raising price point. And then there are the bags that combine all three, like the newly arrived Alban Urban Pannier Bags. (...)
    • Touring 'Culinary Cornwall' with

      We recently packed up our little panniers, strapped them on a newly polished front rack and set off to the southern most tip of the UK. Here, we share our kit insights and recommendations on what worked for three nights of camping, riding and eating our way around Cornwall. (...)
    • De Marchi Clothing - Start Up Pioneers

      If we could visit Italy in 1946, we’d find 40 year old Emilio De Marchi waiting patiently on the production floor in his fledgling factory in Conegliano. One year before and just a few months after the end of WWII, this one-time athlete and manger for the Bottecchia cycling team founded his ‘Maglificio Sportivo’ and now.. (...)
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