• On the Right Track - Independent Bikepacking Brands at Always Riding

      At Always Riding, we're firm believers that in the idea that the further you dive into a category or collection of products, the more likely you are to find gems. Well, having scoured the cybery halls of the vast interweb long and hard, we came up with three fantastic young, independent bikepacking brands that we just knew that we wanted to showcase to the world. Mavericks, artisans, hobbyists and perfectionists, it's a specific breed that one day ups tools and sits down at their sewing machine, but, frankly speaking, so coveted are their products, that we're willing to overlook that. (...)
    • Dirt Road Tested - New Smith Forefront and Overtake Helmets

      Check out the video from the inaugural Trans-Cascadia featuring the all new Smith Forefront trail helmet. Smith's innovative design for both the Forefront and Overtake will make you want to head for the hills in search of gravel tracks. (...)
    • Riding into Town - A Guide to Urban Cycling Backpacks

      With so many urban cycling backpacks to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming trying to work out which is the best choice for your needs. So, with a short run through of tips on how to choose and what to use, we guide you through the closeted world of city cycling bags and backpacks. (...)
    • Is the Electric Brompton the Holy Grail of Urban Cycling?

      For years, Brompton have been developing an electric-assist version of their folding bicycle. This blog explores what the long-awaited electric Brompton might be like and when it might be available. (...)
    • Landed & Live - S'well bottles from the States

      Things move quickly in the cycle industry - and from what we gather, they're called bikes. Stepping off your trusty steed though after circumnavigating the city and you might well succumb to a thirst, so, in an effort to never leave you parched post ride, we've brought in some of the tastiest steel bottles we've ever laid eyes upon. Keeping your latte hot for 12 hours on the trot or simply keeping your ice tea cool for an astonishing 24, S'well bottles are a brilliant addition to your backpack as an accessory that just does a specific job incredibly well. (...)
    • Race Report - 2016 Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic

      It's the morning of the 2016 Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic. Team WPG Amsterdam's young DS Arthur Van Dam is delivering a crash course in feed-zone technique to Always Riding's sidekick Tess amidst the pre-race bustle and prepping in the team area. “Hold it out just like this” Arthur demonstrates with one of the small, yellow musettes as it dangles loosely on an outstretched arm... (...)
    • The Whitstable T-Shirt Company - Latest Lines from the Kentish Coast

      Walking around on in the sun or simply enjoying some off the bike time at home, the Whitstable T-Shirt Company have got you covered. In their latest update to their rather fetching range of tees, Whitstable cater for the taste of the sprinter and the spritely mountain climber alike, so there's sure to be something to pique your interest and tempt you into one of their tees... (...)
    • Neutral Observer: Riding Shotgun With Shimano Neutral Race Service

      The bustle of the start village fills the little market square of Zottegem. The usual array of World Tour and Pro-Continental team buses line the main shopping street of the modest Flandrian town. Crowds flock around them, spotting heroes who obligingly pose for pictures with babies inbetween greeting friends from rival teams ahead of the 2nd stage of the 3 Daagse De Panne-Koksijde, the traditional leg stretching bridge between Gent-Wevelgem and the Ronde Van Vlaanderen. I'm sat in a cafe overlooking the square with Ben Hillsdon, PR officer for Shimano Europe. (...)
    • Tour Divide Kit List - Brother Cycles x Always Riding

      When Brother Cycles approached us asking for a few tips for his upcoming Tour Divide attempt we jumped at the opportunity to help out and after a few cups of tea, we decided to sponsor Will (one of the brothers) in his attempt. (...)
    • Matt Brammeier: Champion Rising

      Sitting semi-slouched on a restaurant chair in one of the few quiet corners of the Hotel Mecure in Roeselare, Matt Brammeier exudes the relaxed demeanour of somebody who has finally found his niche within an occupation that has gifted him nothing. The path to where he now finds himself has demanded deep self-belief and a survivor’s instinct, eyes always open and an ear constantly to the ground, as he jumped from each stepping-stone of collapsing team and contract disintegration beneath his feet to the next in Indiana Jones-esque fashion. (...)
    • Più di Pegoretti - Cycling Accessories Reimagined

      With Dario Pegoretti's frames some of the most lauded and sought after in the cycling world, we at Always Riding were surprised to hear his most recent project took him away from his TiG Welding setup and into the world of cycling accessories. Well, with a master such as Pegoretti, we were intrigued, and we just had to find out what was going on... (...)
    • Pas Normal Studios - Landing Soon at Always Riding

      Danish Brand Pas Normal Studios bring their new Spring/Summer collection to Always Riding via a stunning photo shoot in Lucca, Italy. We preview what's coming soon! (...)
    • Meet The Maker - Halley Stevensons

      The car escapes Edinburgh via the huge spans of the Forth Bridge and heads towards the foothills of the Highlands. We are driving to Dundee through the beautiful, rugged terrain of Scotland's east coast. It is these mountains and the unforgiving North Sea that call the tune in these parts as far as the weather goes, thus it is no surprise that the region is home to the world leader in the manufacturing of performance waxed cottons, Halley Stevensons. (...)
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