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    • A Winter Warming Barley Soup

      Is there anything better than a hearty bowl of soup on a cold winter's night, having showered and changed after a satisfying bike commute, or evening spin? We certainly don’t think so, which is why we devised this quick and simple barley soup as the ideal post-ride pick-me-up! Depending on your preferences, you could add chicken, beef, or pork to the recipe, but for this one we'll keep it nice and simple straight up with vegetables. (...)
    • Landed - some tasty additions to our Ornot product range for Spring '16

      Despite being a relative newcomer to world of bike apparel, Ornot has consistently punched above its weight, with its distinctive ‘capsule wardrobe’ collection proving decidedly popular for the discerning rider. It's fair to say then that Ornot pieces are firm favourites in these parts, so there's always an air of excitement when new Ornot kit becomes available. (...)
    • Headstrong - The Latest Giro MIPS Helmets

      Giro MIPS Helmets are the culmination of an integrated approach to safety in cycling. Examing the real life situations you and your helmet encounter and withstand in every day riding led Giro to apply new technologies to make sure that swinging that leg over your bike is as safe as it can be. (...)
    • Blaze Laserlight Front Cycle Light - May The Force Be With You

      There are exciting times ahead in the world of innovative technology for city cycling. In October we started selling the Blaze Laserlight, a brilliantly innovative front cycle light which projects a green cycle symbol six metres in front of the rider, substantially increasing your ‘footprint’ (and therefore visibility) on the road. We have been pretty excited by this innovation and it seems that you guys have been too. (...)
    • Out of Instagram & Into Our Hands - 2016 Giro Footwear Hits the Store

      A new drop of Giro footwear never fails to excite, and for 2016, this genre-spanning US brand has taken its cycling shoe game to a whole new level; with fresh colours that have us amped for the epic rides we now we’re going to tackle this year. (...)
    • Sidi Spare Parts - Bold & Swap out the Old

      With Sidi Spare Parts now available at Always Riding, you can now customise your shoes, and add a splash of colour to that dash across town. Alternatively, if you've a sticky wheel, swap it out for that all new feel. Those good old Italians have done it again, and we cetainly like it... (...)
    • Pedal Bites Peanut Butter & Banana Bread

      It's 2:30pm at the office and the end of the day feels like a world away. Hungry, you stroll to the vending machine, place your hand tentatively against the buttons, and exhale mournfully at the thought of eating another saccharine, tasteless & overpriced snack from the sickly array glowing eerily in front of you. (...)
    • Handsomer & Handsomer - The Blaze Laserlight Gets a New Black Colourway

      We're big fans of Blaze's ground-projecting, traffic warning, see me a'comin bike light, but that fandom got a whole heap bigger last week with the release of the London brand's new black Laserlight colourway. (...)
    • Rise of the Unsung Pedla - Spring '16

      Pedla’s new Spring additions, dubbed 'The Rise of the Unsung Pedla' hit European shores having already had a full run out in Melbourne’s warmer climes. Inspired by the off-season early starts, long days, and less than perfect rides, these new additions reward those hitting the good weather with miles already in their legs. (...)
    • Castelli Linea Pelle - The Raceday Skincare Range

      In a bold move for a brand more synonymous with skinsuits rather than soft skin, Castelli's Linea Pellea Skincare range is set to become a staple of raceday bags and ritual of sportive sorts for the future. Taking a triple headed approach to the important issue of on bike skincare, the Italian brand have spent two years developing their solutions to the ravages of bicycling on the body, and it's been time well spent. (...)
    • Cinelli Cycling Caps

      Cinelli Cycling Caps are always a crowd pleaser, but this year, they've outdone themselves. Having shaken hands with the prodigious Stevie Gee, the range consists of real designer's designs, as well as Caps from the mysterious internal working of Red Hook Crit Racers from Team Cinelli Chrome. Check out these gladfully mouth gaping caps and be the talk of the town as you do your rounds! (...)
    • New Year’s Resolutions for Cyclists

      The New Year is the traditional time for setting personal goals and ambitions for the year ahead, goals which are normally related to doing less of what we feel is bad for us and more of what we feel would be good. Whilst one of the most renowned aspects of New Year’s resolutions is the amount they are broken and the amount we fail to succeed in them, some of us still continue to set them annually, in the hope of improving our lot in the year ahead. (...)
    • The Pedal Bites On The Run Muffins

      So you’ve just finished an intense bike session or perhaps an even more intense commute, and you need a snack stat! Fear not energy depleted rider, for the “on the run muffin” is here! Designed to be made ahead of time and consumed straight after a session, its got protein, its got iron and recovery-tastic vitamin B12 thrown in for good measure. They're quick and easy to make and wont have the kitchen looking too messy afterwards. Best of all, you can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge for up to 4 days. (...)
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