• The Long Read - Team Novo Nordisk Navy Seal Off-Season Training

      I can quite imagine sitting on a plane from Europe, en-route to San Diego, for the first training camp get together of the 2016 season for Team Novo Nordisk. Having never visited the United States, I'd have googled the Californian coastal resort of Mission Bay and the plush Hilton hotel that was detailed on the travel itinerary the admin officer at the team’s HQ had emailed through to me a few weeks previously. (...)
    • Landed - Lumo Cycling Jackets, Bags & Accessories

      A clever combination of wearable LED light tech and the sort of high-grade fabric that has Swiss scientists jiggling in their seats, the Lumo cycling jackets collection includes the wool-blend Regents Parka and swish Herne Hill Harrington Jackets for both men and women. (...)
    • New De Marchi Autumn/Winter 2015 - Italian Cycling Artisanry

      The latest rage of clothing from bastions of the Italian cycling world caters for everyone, from the cycling historian to the Sunday Sportive racers. De Marchi Jerseys synonymous with style and sublime substance, these are sure to be the perfect pieces of kit to tackle that early ride into the mist. Freshly in stock at Always Riding, browse the very latest in paired down heritage designs and perfectly crafted performance racewear from De Marchi. (...)
    • Landed - New Season Twin Six Apparel

      The ever-creative Minneapolis based brand has launched some vibrant new season lines, and with a good haul already in stock (with more on the way in the coming weeks!), we’re excited to see which of the new designs of both jerseys and accessories you’ll like best. (...)
    • Landed - Ibex Wool Cycling Shorts, Knicks & Bibs

      Ibex wool has long been an Always Riding favourite. In fact, if we lived in Middle-Earth, these Vermont-based woolieers would undoubtedly be based in Rivendell, where, between altogether too many poems about sheep (the love betwixt man and sheep, price of wool etc etc) their Merino meisters would blend and twirl this most soft of fabrics into cycling garments of style and utility. (...)
    • Kit Complete - Cafe du Cycliste Gloves & Overshoes

      Cyclists looking to ride out head to toe wearing this handsome Nice-based brand's uber-cool apparel can now enjoy the sartorial stylings of Cafe du Cycliste gloves & overshoes; a capsule collection of accessories befitting the stylish cyclist. (...)
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of a 3 Day Cycling Weekend in Central Europe

      I’ll be honest, this summer wasn’t great here in Central Europe. It was a pathetic letdown. Rainy days and chilly temperatures aren’t the best for cycling. With winter right around the corner, my panties were still wet for some gnarly rides. Luckily, when mid-October rolled around a colleague informed me “Feiertag nächsten Montag!”. I nervously checked the weather website thing and BOOM! ...3 days sun. PARTY ON! (...)
    • 'Tis The Season To Get Muddy!

      Ah, the wind in your hair, the grit in your teeth, and the tantalising danger of mowing down frantically bleating sheep - it can all only mean one thing! Yes sir, the hose-it-down-she'll-be-alright-oh-jesus-don't-aim-it-at-the-hubs-you-maniac season is among us! Rejoicings! (...)
    • Bikepacking with Restrap Bags

      "So, do they pass the cup of tea test?". It's a question we've asked ourselves more than once when deciding on brands for the store. In many ways, taking those first few steps with a new partner isn't so much about the product, but the person or persons behind it. So if we feel that the kettle could go on, and we can really get into a bike chat, then we know we've found a great supplier, partner and maybe even a friend. (...)
    • Hold on tight, international delivery just got cheaper (and faster)

      It's not all tea and biscuits at Always Riding you know. The perfect Garibaldi or faster delivery, it all comes down to the same thing: constant improvement. Today we're pleased to let you know that we rolled out reduced price DHL Express delivery services for Europe, Australia, Japan and the US. (...)
    • Photo Journal - Belgian Toothpaste, Keirins & Madisons at the London Six Day

      As the London Six Day comes to an end, the story of the week was how close the young British riders came to upsetting the professional apple cart. The pairing of Germaine Burton and Mark Stewart were strong enough to take a few races during the week, but whilst they had the speed to match the Euro-mafia in a one-off race, they lacked the strength and experience to challenge over the course of the event. (...)
    • The Joy of Great Cycling Socks

      Socks are a cycle apparel category which has sometimes been seen as an unglamorous wardrobe necessity. But have your feet ever felt in need of a hug after a long ride? Or have you felt an urge to partake in the ‘sock doping game’ which is sweeping the cycle world? This article covers our discovery of the joy of socks and the benefits of paying these humble wardrobe items the attention they deserve. (...)
    • New season Craft Warm Wool Base Layers & Underwear hit the store

      Autumnal days are a true delight on the bike. Crisp starts, clear skies and chasing the sunset are what makes this season great, but with the addition of new Craft Warm Wool lines for AW15, our favourite time of year just got a whole lot better. (...)
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