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    • A lunchtime ride with Cafe du Cycliste

      Cafe du Cycliste bring a casual yet technical style to road and urban cycle clothing, drawing on France's undoubted cycling heritage. We thought we'd take a lunchtime spin with owners/managers/founders Andre and Remi and get them to tell us about the Cote d'Azur brand. (...)
    • Cadence Tempo Kit - Coming Soon

      The Cadence Collection Tempo Kits, both light and dark, will be landing at Always Riding HQ within the coming days - stay tuned as this hot summer kit doesn't hang around long! (...)
    • Imitating (and saving) the brain - MIPS Bike Helmet Tech

      A recent tech innovation by Swedish boffins is all set to take the bike helmet world by storm, and it’s all down to a some very clever mimicry of your brain’s natural response to angled impacts on the melon. (...)
    • Maglianera - Cycling Socks to Blow Away the Winter Cobwebs

      The Maglian Nera, like the albeit longer lasting Latern Rouge in the Tour de France, was awarded at the Giro d’Italia to the rider who worked incredibly hard, achieved little fanfare and finished last, nonetheless within the maximum time limit. The official Black Jersey was only issued between 1946-1951 but in those years riders tried their darnedest to win it - hiding in haystacks or trying to get punctures were risky tactics considering they still had to finish within the time limit. (...)
    • Inside Line Equipment - Behind the Scenes

      We recently sat down with Eric, the founder of Inside Line Equipment, to get an exclusive insight into how the San Francisco based brand works. Eager to see how ILE's approach to small scale, careful manufacture had carved them a chunk in this industry, Eric took us behind the scenes and also shot some amazing photos to show just how the brand manufactures its bags. (...)
    • 5 cycling to work tips from experienced daily bike commuters

      Always Riding HQ sits around 12 miles from where Alex, Danny and Pete (the Always Riding commute team most excellent) live when they are not giving the cycling goodness. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned since starting this sizeable daily commute, it’s to do as the Scouts do, and be prepared. (...)
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