• The House's Finest - The New Ornot Range

      The latest envy inducing cycling kit from our favourite friends in San Fran, the Ornot collection of House Jerseys are set to land in store, and we thought we'd give you a sneak peak of these slick, sleek, slender jerseys, fresh off the press, ready for your ride, wherever that might take you... (...)
    • Married to the World Tour

      Liz Hatch, Brooke Gillott and Kerri Mowat, all have other halves who race for three of the most powerful World Tour outfits of recent years. There are many great accounts of racers’ lives chasing this dream. In the interests of balance, Always Riding went in search of the female perspective. And for the gossip, naturally… (...)
    • Sitting pretty - Choosing your Fabric Saddle

      If you were to write a list of brands to have taken the cycling world by storm in recent years, Fabric with their range of saddles, tools and accessories would definitely top that list. So, what's all the hubbub? Can they really be anything approaching half as good as your closest cycling anoraks/aficionado says? (...)
    • What Liz Did Next

      Around a decade ago, Liz Hatch arrived on the shores of Europe with her racing bike, suitcase and dreams. Comparatively late to racing, Liz oozed Crit-Racer's fight coupled with Centrefold looks. Result: Results, popularity and controversy, a heady mix for cycling's media and, for a while, they couldn't get enough of her. Until Liz decided she was not being taken on that ride any longer. Liz, smart enough to know how to work that system, decided it was no longer working for her in anything like the way she wanted it to and quit racing. Out of the limelight, but not the industry, very happily settled into family life, Liz still effortlessly exudes that edgy chicness. (...)
    • Photo Journal - The Granfondo Maratona Dles Dolomites

      Drained, but happy. Satisfied. That’s what you can see in these faces of the participants of the 30th Maratona Dles Dolomites (to give the legendary Granfondo it’s local Ladin dialect title) - drained satisfaction. This is the most important Granfondo in Italy, probably one of the most important in the whole of Europe; it’s not only a cycling event – it goes way beyond that in its majesty and passion. (...)
    • Visual Vinyl - Shooting & Cycling the Alps on 35mm

      No high-profile names or accounts of epic battles for prestigious podium placings in this one, and almost certainly no running. Just a set of photos of a group of friends riding some of the iconic roads in the French Alps, captured on Ilford 35mm film by analogue devotee Luke Pritchett. (...)
    • Leo Freakin’ Gang UCI Downhill World Cup

      For many years I didn’t give a damn about downhill mountain biking. The sport seemed so far removed from road cycling, and came off as over the top, or even too try-hard at times. But last year I found myself at a UCI Downhill World Cup in Leogang Austria not far from where I live (I even rode my bike there). That day my mind was f-ing blown. These dudes were bombing down this insane mountain course like they had zero concerns in the world ...except ripping it. (...)
    • Level Up - The Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Base Layer

      Racing in the sun or covering up when cold, a good base is a sturdy robust companion. With the new Craft Active Extreme 2.0 collection though, we're sure to see these practical pieces become real must-haves. Want to find out more? Then read on maestro! (...)
    • Everyday Awesome - Smith Launch Rover & Route Helmets

      Designed and imagined with the needs of everyday riders at their core (nope they don't come with a coffee cup and croissant - some needs can't be met here), Smith recently released to the US their new Route and Rover helmets. Join us as we check out the new models, discover that time travel isn't on the menu, and get spacey with fancy material names. (...)
    • Pinhead security skewers: another tool in the bike theft deterrent toolkit

      Quick release wheels are great for a speedy puncture repair or for whipping your wheels off to stick your bike in the back of a car. But it can be a right ballache to have to lock your frame AND your wheels up every time you need to park your bike somewhere, particularly if you're an urban rider using your bike day in day out. Luckily, there is an alternative. Security skewers are a great solution for urban riders looking to make their bike more secure without making it really tricky to get the wheel in and out of the frame when necessary. (...)
    • Interview: Racing Captain Ryan

      In a country in which racing bicycles on the open roads was, for many years, outlawed, a nation not of shopkeepers but of time trialists was born. Time trialling is deeply entrenched in British cycling lore and custom, to the point of obsession for many devotees. Burton, Engers, Yates, Boardman, Botrill, Wiggins: all Gods (to name but a few) in the church of the Race of Truth. Widely considered the Blue Riband of Holy Grails at this altar is the National 25 Mile TT Title, a title taken in 2015 by a previously almost unheard of 29-year old British Army Officer: Captain Ryan Perry. (...)
    • Escaping the City - The Bern FL-1 MIPS Helmet

      Having made their name and forged their image crowning the heads of urban cyclists, Bern's latest endeavour has taken them away from town and onto the open road. With the new Bern FL-1 MIPS helmet, the comfort, fit, style and technology factors have been taken to a new level, and, we have to say, we're mightily impressed. (...)
    • Fit and Feel - A Guide to Brands and Body Shapes

      With our inboxes joyously replenishing themselves with your questions, requests and perusals, we aim to give individual insight into each inquiry we receive. By far and away the most frequent question posed is "what size am I?" - well, this one comes down to body shapes. So, in the hope of shining a light on the space inside each brand, we've gone ahead and created what we hope is a helpful guide, to give you a little more confidence as you click! (...)
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