• Pas Normal Studios - Scandinavian Skirmish

      Floating the idea of a 700km ride split over three days, the Pas Normal Studios crew set upon route plotting, and found that the line they traced meandered from Oslo across two borders and back to their Copenhagen quarters. Documenting the ride as a test of their kit, it was to be a ride that pushed them to their limits, and through some of the most stunning scenery in Northern Europe... (...)
    • Woods, sheep and Always Riding (plus a little rubber)

      There's something about being amidst the trees, above the morning mist, and nestled amongst hills more mountain than rolling dale. We don't know what that something is, and it could of course be a debilitating sheep-allergy, but it's where we are from, where we belong, and now, thanks to an epic tea-fuelled move from our base near London, where we are based. (...)
    • New American Artisans - Spurcycle Join the Ride

      The Spurcycle bell was designed to be “a lasting favourite among daily cyclists”, and it's hard to think of an alternative which does it better. We look at its development and the ethos behind the brand. (...)
    • Landed - Craft Pulse Spinning Apparel

      The all new Craft Pulse Spinning Tights are here and set to make your gym session a little special. Splashing colour into any scene, these printed leggings are a supportive, feel good and look even better piece of apparel, perfect for that medium tempo commute, or fast paced ride in a room... (...)
    • Coming soon… Giro Techlace… the shoe closure system that does it all

      Over the past couple of weeks, the cycling press has been full of eager initial reviews of the latest additions to Giro's road cycling shoe range, we take a closer look and sum up what's been said... (...)
    • P-P-Pick up a pump... the Always Riding guide to buying a bicycle pump

      With a whole range of sizes, features and designs available, there really is a bicycle pump for every occasion. To help you pick the pump that is right for you, we’ve put together a handy guide, starting with the workshop staple, the track pump. (...)
    • In Gear - The New Chrome Collection

      Known for their bombproof bags, Chrome Industries have long been one of our most popular brands here at Always Riding, and, with good reason. Providing the utmost quality in design and comfort on the bike, Chrome products are the sorts of things you didn't know were absolutely essential. With an urban style and focus, the new Chrome collection features some fine footwear and some awe inducing apparel that's sure to get you salivating... (...)
    • Anything but Standard: The New Twin Six Standard Race Collection

      The Twin Six Standard Race Collection earned its keep on a 660km ride in the Northwoods of Minneapolis. The Musky 660 as it was dubbed saw T6 showcase their Titanium Standard Rando and the new Standard Race Collection. (...)
    • Two Gentlemen of Girona: Nathan Haas & Chris Williams Guide Always Riding Around Catalunya

      Always Riding had the pleasure of a travel guide in the shape of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka's Nathan Haas to provide the inside line in advance for our whistle-stop visit to Girona. When it became known that Nathan was to head off to find his fortune at the Vuelta e Espana, Team Novo Nordisk's Chris Williams stepped in as route-meister deluxe before also heading off himself to race at the Tour Des Fjords in Norway. (...)
    • Bags of Canada - YNOT Made

      It's well-known that we’re fans of a good bag at Always Riding, so we leapt at the chance to bring YNOT’s Canadian-made bags & accessories to the store. Renowned for their build quality, intuitive trims and a determination to see things done right, under the stewardship of founder Tony Mammoliti, this young bike bag brand has gained a loyal following both at home and abroad. (...)
    • Keeping your Powder Dry - Showers Pass Waterproof Bags

      Perhaps the go to brand for cycling waterproofs has just turned their know how to backpacks and, we have to admit to being pretty excited. The brand new Showers Pass Waterproof Bags have just arrived and are looking to revolutionise your commute, and make that race day a little less taxing in the preparation phase... (...)
    • The Standard Rando Frameset - Adventure Vibes Courtesy of Twin Six

      The Twin Six Standard Rando has been available in the US for some time now, both as a frameset and as one of Twin Six's complete bikes. So, we'll keep our hours of waxing lyrical about how much we want one, and how we'd configure it to ourselves, and hand it over to some top US journalists for their verdict. (...)
    • The House's Finest - The New Ornot Range

      The latest envy inducing cycling kit from our favourite friends in San Fran, the Ornot collection of House Jerseys are set to land in store, and we thought we'd give you a sneak peak of these slick, sleek, slender jerseys, fresh off the press, ready for your ride, wherever that might take you... (...)
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