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Co-founder of Always Riding, Pete enjoys road, trail and a good city commute. Most of all though, he loves chatting to other riders, the mid-ride stop after a leg-breaking ascent, and a cup of tea at the end of the ride. There is no truth in the rumour that he likes to wear women's clothes and hang around in bars. No truth at all.

    • Landed - Lumo Cycling Jackets, Bags & Accessories

      A clever combination of wearable LED light tech and the sort of high-grade fabric that has Swiss scientists jiggling in their seats, the Lumo cycling jackets collection includes the wool-blend Regents Parka and swish Herne Hill Harrington Jackets for both men and women. (...)
    • Hold on tight, international delivery just got cheaper (and faster)

      It's not all tea and biscuits at Always Riding you know. The perfect Garibaldi or faster delivery, it all comes down to the same thing: constant improvement. Today we're pleased to let you know that we rolled out reduced price DHL Express delivery services for Europe, Australia, Japan and the US. (...)
    • Photo Journal - London Six Day Opening Night, the 1878 Cup

      From the 18th - 23rd October, London is playing host to a thrilling Six Day racing event. Against a backdrop of eclectic entertainment, beer, pretzels and bin jumping (a favourite activity of some of the more rowdy Belgian events), some of the fastest riders on the world stage are going head to head around the swopping bends of the Lee Valley VeloPark. (...)
    • Cycling Eyewear Arrives at Always Riding

      There are only so many snappy titles a man can come up with. This one isn't too snappy. In fact it ranks alongside the factual, but underwhelming 'Croc eats man'. Descriptive, yes, but not the tantalisingly gory hard-hitter it could have been. Irrelevant foray into the newspaper business aside, the news is that yes, we have added a cycling eyewear category to Always Riding (as if you couldn't guess from our Pulitzer winning title) (...)
    • Bikepacking with Restrap Bags

      "So, do they pass the cup of tea test?". It's a question we've asked ourselves more than once when deciding on brands for the store. In many ways, taking those first few steps with a new partner isn't so much about the product, but the person or persons behind it. So if we feel that the kettle could go on, and we can really get into a bike chat, then we know we've found a great supplier, partner and maybe even a friend. (...)
    • Photo Journal - Belgian Toothpaste, Keirins & Madisons at the London Six Day

      As the London Six Day comes to an end, the story of the week was how close the young British riders came to upsetting the professional apple cart. The pairing of Germaine Burton and Mark Stewart were strong enough to take a few races during the week, but whilst they had the speed to match the Euro-mafia in a one-off race, they lacked the strength and experience to challenge over the course of the event. (...)
    • New Season Cycling Lookbooks, Noteworthy arrivals, plus explore Rider Rewards

      Lookbooks, hah! We could just as easily say 'nice images that make you feel like riding'. In fact, we may even call them cookbooks on occasion, because that's exactly what our spell-check keeps trying to do. Computers know best of course, which is why whilst writing this, the office hoover-robot is trying to make the special-time with some discarded bubble wrap, and the filing cabinet is smoking a cigarette.  (...)
    • First Look - Alban Urban Pannier Bags

      Sometimes a cycling bag just reaches out and grabs your attention. Perhaps it’s a certain blend of features, an original design, or even an eyebrow raising price point. And then there are the bags that combine all three, like the newly arrived Alban Urban Pannier Bags. (...)
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