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Choosing a Cycling Jersey? First you have to be fierce

When seemingly every cycling jersey and its Uncle Fausto is proudly proclaiming technical prowess, it can be hard to make an educated purchase decision. However, as in life, some of these shouted 'specifications' can be little more than marketing snowballs, designed to slip you up, snatch your credit card and push you out of the door. Come with us then as we tweak the nose of bad decisions, wipe that foggy build up from your glasses, and delve under-shirt with the Always Riding hardly serious cycling jersey guide.

Always judge a book by its cover

The key to making a successful purchase is to assess the jersey on its merits, and the easiest way to do that is to use your eyes. If a cycle jersey looks good, and has a shape that appeals to you, then it's worthy of further consideration. Are you really going to wear a jersey that you don't like the look of, just because you 'should'?

Fabric - it's all in the touch

It's a great time to be a bike rider. Even basic jerseys now rock effective, comfortable fabrics, yet despite these advances there is fabric and there is fabric. What we are trying to say is that for regular high mileage riders, it really is a good idea to spend wisely and invest in a jersey designed for more frequent use. Your money well spent will get you a fabric that both better balances body temperature, improves breathability, and can even incorporate UV protection alongside anti-microbial properties.

Le Pocket

If you are in the market for a technical jersey in order to complete hard training, racing or sportives, you need at least 3 rear pockets - a zippered fourth would be a bonus, but isn't always necessary, especially for racing. Deep, stretchy yet secure, these little life savers are all set to hold your pump, tyre levers, action figurines, cakes, or wind proof shell.

Zip me up

Hard riding makes for a sweaty rider, and a cool down essential is a full length or at least 3/4 zip. Good cycling jerseys from attentive brands will make their mark on the zip with either a nice zip garage (that bit of material that protects your neck from a zip accident), or by way of a custom, branded zip puller.

Fits like a glove

A perfectly fitted bicycle jersey is a sight to behold. No fat, no waste, just smooth fabric over a sculpted frame. Ok, so your frame might not be sculpted, and to be honest, it's got all flabby for some reason, but hey, that's no reason not to be able to wear it well - and a good jersey, very much like a good suit, should still mark you out as a Giant of the Road.

Higher priced jerseys are usually set apart through a higher number of panels. Simply put, the more panels, the more the jersey can be made to follow the curves of your body, which puts a much greater focus on ergonomics.


For too long, cyclists were the brunt of terrible jokes, and not all without merit when it came to toting some style. With cyclists struggling to get dates, and some actually admitting to friends that they had never even kissed a girl, brands realised enough was enough; David Lee Roth era Whitesnake inspired design was out, style was in.

Nowadays, cyclists can ride in collections devised by some of the fashion world's top luvvies, or rock classic lines and 'be fierce' at a moment's notice. You just never know when you might get snapped.

We hope you've found our semi-serious cycling jerseys guide useful, but if you have a moment, put your new found knowledge into practice and browse our range of jerseys in store >

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