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No matter how well fitting the shorts, at some point in your cycling life you're going to get some chafing 'downstairs'. Yes, we're talking about that special area they like to call the 'Perineum'. Sounds like a mountain range doesn't it? Well it's not, but it is as sensitive as you can get, and very prone to chafing caused by localised friction. Those clever chaps at BioRacer were asked by a Pro-Tour team to develop something that stopped this happening, and thus the ReSkin was born. Constructed from perforated lycra and stuck on with a gentle skin friendly adhesive, ReSkin prevents the build up of friction which can lead to chafing, and acts like a protective second skin.

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11 Rider Reviews

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Product features
  • Open Road
  • Prevents the build up of friction that can cause chafing 'downstairs'
  • Acts like a second skin
  • Gentle and skin friendly adhesive allows each patch to be used up to 10 times
  • Breathable
  • Used extensively by Cofidis in the Pro Tour
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  • Mike Howarth United Kingdom 26•09•2012
    Mike Howarth United Kingdom 26•09•2012
    In the lead up to the Raid Pyrenean I over did the training and was left with some rather unpleasant saddle sores. Despite practicing good hygiene down below, the saddle sores never really got enough time to heel and whilst bearable for day rides the thought of riding for 5 consecutive centuries made me whince.

    The week before I had a quick scour on the internet for any possible last minute solutions, and whilst browsing the site found Reskin. It has to be said the product isn't cheap but the alternatives didn't bear thinking about so I gladly handed over my money.

    The product worked really effectively, like others I found that it had a tendency to bunch up a little so needed some adjustments when using the toilet at coffee stops.

    It isn't an alternative to good hygiene, shorts and chamois cream but if all fails its a great get of jail free card, and something I'll be putting in my kit bag for longer trips.
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  • Ian Jones United Kingdom 14•12•2012
    Ian Jones United Kingdom 14•12•2012
    I was getting quite a bit of soreness where the sun don't shine and I found these patches better than chamois cream. They do bunch a bit, but seem to keep working anyway, and if you wash them as instructed you can get a few goes out of them. Maybe works out at a quid a ride, which I'm willing to pay for comfort where it matters.
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  • toofarhome United Kingdom 07•07•2011
    toofarhome United Kingdom 07•07•2011
    Rode from the Atlantic to the Med last September over the lumpy stuff and used these patches everyday along with some Bodyglide anti-chafe. You need to have faith they'll stay put, but I find they work great and had no discomfort at the end of the week despite 6-8 hour days in the saddle. I'm writing this as I've just logged on to order some more in advance of 6 day trip across the Alps. Not cheap, but well worth it for big events.
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  • Chris Rogers Australia 02•09•2013
    Chris Rogers Australia 02•09•2013
    A good addition to a range of tricks that adds comfort to long rides. Like many, I suffer saddle sores from time to time no matter how many tricks I adopt. I even use rubbing alcohol as a clean disinfectant before and after rides with some success in reducing sores (but it can sting a bit if you go too far into the senstive areas!). I dont think these patches will prevent saddle sores if you are prone to them, but I do find they stop them getting more irritated, and they also subdue the discomfort of riding on them when you must soldier on. Like others, I find they bunch up after a while, but are easy to put back into place with some discreet moves at stops. Because they are so thin & supple they dont seem to create discomfort when they do bunch up. I dont usually have chaffing or perineal area problems, and tend to position these more so for sit bone comfort. They arent cheap, but do seem to last several rides if you are careful with them & keep them clean. A top quality chamois/nick is priority number one, but these patches are a very worthy addition to any cyclists kit bag especially for multi-day rides.
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  • Stuart Thomson United Kingdom 21•03•2013
    Stuart Thomson United Kingdom 21•03•2013
    As the title says, these patches are life savers if you are having issue in the undercarriage department. After doing a very long flat winter ride I had two bad sores where the legs meet the groin. Because I ride regularly the sores never got chance to heal and this went on for weeks and weeks. Then a mate of mine suggested using these patches and they really were a life saver. I was able to ride in comfort whilst my sores were allowed to heal.

    They are expensive on first appearance, however, you can use them several times and I usually use mine three times, which makes them very affordable. They come with instructions on how to clean them for re-use.

    I will always have a pack of these handy.
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ReSkin Bike Patch - Pack of 5

Product Feedback

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