Gloves & Warmers

Alongside your core kit of top and bottoms (in whatever form you choose), gloves and warmers are useful additions to the cycling wardrobe, offering comfort and protection whilst out on the bike.  

Arm, knee and leg warmers are small but incredibly useful bits of kit which can extend the comfort range of your cycling apparel. Ideal for those times of year that aren’t cold enough for full-on winter kit but are too cold to head out with bare arms and legs, they are also useful for early starts or late finishes, and can be easily rolled up and stuffed in a pocket when no longer required.

Protection and comfort, in any order you choose - that is why a cyclist will wear cycling gloves. If you've ever fallen off a bike at speed, ridden for over 2 hours without a break, or headed out into cooler weather, then you will know the truth of this statement.

Road Cycling Gloves

For road riders, cycling 'mitts' are where it is at. Comfortable and cool for long days on the bike, you'll feel the benefit post ride, and if you do decide to opt for a little tarmac skating, then your hands will still function afterwards.

City & Trail cycling gloves

For city cyclists and trail riders, the preference is normally for a full finger glove. Offering added protection and greater bike control, they will often sport welcome features like reflective piping, generous palm padding and some weather resistance.

Choosing a bike glove - decisions, decisions

As with the other items in your now growing cycle clothing collection, just spend a moment thinking about where and when you ride. Making a decision based on riding habits and local terrain is the best way to ensure you end up with the most suitable cycling glove.

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