• Cool Caps for Cool Cats… latest cycling cap designs from the Cinelli Art Program

      A cycling cap is a nice way to inject a bit of personality whilst out riding (or indeed when off the bike too). This is especially true when your cap is a limited edition design from Cinelli’s artist collaboration project the Cinelli Art Program. (...)
    • Bikepacking: A (mostly) All Year Kit List

      The emergence of lightweight & streamline bags, along with the growing popularity of long distance events such as the Transcontinental and The Tour Divide, has put bikepacking firmly on the map. We put together a (mostly) all year kit list. (...)
    • Hestra of Sweden - An All-Natural Approach

      Martin Magnusson moved to the historic region of Småland in 1936; an area of southern Sweden dominated by forested high plains. It was here where he began the Magnusson family's contribution to the image of modern Scandinavia, one of outdoor style, new Nordic cuisine, Swedish furniture, table-toppers in happiness and of course, an enviable bike culture. (...)
    • Interview with Rodeo Labs founder Stephen Fitzgerald

      During our research for a recent article on the Gates Carbon Drive System we came across more than a few great bikes, but the one that caught my eye, in particular, was a light blue steel machine complete with top tube slung pump and single speed Gates drive, which, as it turned out came from a Denver-based brand called Rodeo Labs. The 'Flaanimal' - that luscious baby blue, had been in development for several months and coincidentally had just hit version three. A few emails later, and a Skype call was arranged with Rodeo-founder Stephen Fitzgerald to chat Gates, gravel bikes and, umm, trail donkeys... (...)
    • Top 10 Always Riding Bestsellers - As Recommended By You

      With such a great community of riders in the Always Riding stable we thought, why not pass it over to you guys for some top tips and heartfelt recommendations. Here then are our ‘tippy top’ top 10 products - time-proven staples and flashy newfanglers - as recommended by you (...)
    • Bikepacking Set Ups - A Visual Guide

      Restrap is taking up the made in Britain baton for the new wave of bikpacking bags. We took their full range and set up our Twin Six Standard Rando with the various configurations one might consider on varying distances of ride. (...)
    • Introducing the Gates Carbon Drive System - No Rust, No Grease!

      Imagine a bike where you never had to remember to lube the chain, where you didn't have to worry about getting oil on your clothes while riding, one you could ride for months or maybe even years without having to do anything to the transmission at all. Fantasy, you say? In that case, we'd better introduce you to the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. (...)
    • Farm to Fork: Riding a Foodie Fondo in Vermont

      It’s a cool, crisp morning for July, but the sun peeking over the hill to my right hints at clear skies and rising temperatures ahead. I’ve signed up for the Medio Fondo, which, at 63-miles, seems a perfect middle ground between the 113-mile Gran Fondo and the 35-mile Piccolo Fondo (there’s also a family-friendly 11-mile Ramble Ride). Because let’s be honest: I love riding my bike, but I’m actually here for the views — and the food. (...)
    • Introducing the Parax D-Rack, the latest addition to our indoor bike storage range

      The D-Rack from Parax is the newest addition to our indoor bike storage range. With its sleek design, high quality construction and sustainability credentials, we think it is a winning option. (...)
    • Hello UPSO! Upcycled Brompton Bike Bags

      Here at Always Riding, we’re big fans of the folding bike. In particular, we are very fond of the nifty little Brompton, and perhaps because of this strong affection, we are always on the lookout for great accessories for Brompton owners. Here is our latest find, the UPSO Ferrybridge Folder bag. (...)
    • Buyer's Guide - Waterproof Cycling Clothes

      Unless you have a significant and unusual fetish you want to get off your chest, cycling in the rain can be a bit of a dampener of the spirits. At least that is, without waterproof cycling clothing to keep those pesky elements at bay! We'll just leave your fetishes for another time... (...)
    • Interview with Lauf Forks Founder Benedikt Skulason

      Iceland, as it turns out, is not all about top-drawer crime fiction, world-beating renewable energy, or delicious Pylsa hot dogs served með öllu. It also boasts a varied and fertile bike scene that traverses road & trail, with participants regularly racing each other around lagoons or meeting up with more recognisable chain gangs. Keen to learn more about the Icelandic bike scene we spoke with Benedikt Skulason, the CEO and Founder of Lauf suspension forks - an innovative bike suspension fork for the cx and gravel markets. (...)
    • Castelli - Effortless Simplicity that Still Excites

      Castelli's new Spring releases bring back memories of last year's adventures, longer days and the cobbled classics for the pros. A move towards comfort, everyday riding and practicalities certainly don't detract from the excitement from the new range. (...)
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