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    • Short Break Touring: What Tools Do I Need?

      If you’re planning a few days away on the bike, having a few bits and pieces to get you out of trouble if you do encounter any technical problems en-route will help make sure that a mid-ride mechanical will mean only a bit of a delay whilst you sort things out, rather than it being game over for your trip. In this blog we give some pointers on how to go about putting together a toolkit and spares for a short break away. (...)
    • Landed… The Burner, The Latest Light Offering From Blaze

      Well over a year in the making and more than 400% funded on Kickstarter, the Burner is the latest light from innovative British company Blaze. Blaze first came to prominence in the cycling world a couple of years ago with their innovative Laserlight (...)
    • Cold Weather Cycle Clothing, Côte d’Azur style: Cafe du Cycliste’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

      Situated in Nice, France, Cafe du Cycliste are in an enviable position of having both stunning coastline and epic mountains virtually on their doorstep. Head inland however and you’ll soon reach the dramatic mountain passes and legendary cols of the Alpes Maritimes, a part of the department with a very different climate to the sunny coastline. It is riding in these colder climes with their demanding mountain climate that has inspired Cafe’s latest winter collection. (...)
    • Treats For Trail, Tarmac, and Town Riding - The Always Riding Guide To Christmas Gifts For Female Riders

      As the array of Christmas lights seen from the bike on the commute home steadily increases, and you wait for the inevitable knock at the door from carol singers, thoughts turn to what gifts to choose for your loved ones at this festive time of year. Christmas is a great opportunity to get your loved one something they will really appreciate and, hopefully, use extensively over the coming year. When it comes to cycling kit for female riders, there is no end of nice stuff out there, whether she’s a roadie, MTBer, or city cyclista. In this blog you’ll find some of the top picks from our women-specific ranges. (...)
    • Quick Tips For Fitting Your New Seat post

      New seat post unpacked, sufficiently admired and just aching for some Instagrammable action, how best to go about fitting it? Follow our quick step-by-step guide on how to fit a new seatpost. (...)
    • Welcome Rain? The Swrve Keiu Collection

      Swrve's new Keiu collection is the brand's first venture into out and out rainwear - we’re talking hardshell, taped seams - the works! We take a closer look at this limited run range. (...)
    • How to pick your next set of tyres for your road, commute or gravel bike

      Choosing bike tyres… for some riders this is a necessary evil, for others a chance to indulge their (perfectly legal) rubber fetish. For those of you who aren’t rubber fetishists (yet), we’ve put together a brief guide on what to look for when picking a tyre. So, whether for everyday road riding, race day, commuting, gravel or mixed terrain riding, we'll have you rolling in no time. (...)
    • Road Riding Radelaide

      One of the areas I keep going back to (for racing) is Adelaide, and it's always had a certain twinkle, a buzz, and a question: “Why don't more Australians flock here?” Is it the diamond in the rough that all of us 'east coasters' overlook? This offseason my partner and I set off to find out. I've only ever been in Adelaide during the Tour Down Under, and for anybody who's been, the city is simply electric during the racing week. Street parties, secret events, the athlete village in the city - it's truly one of the most exciting places to have a bike race, and everybody tends to leave missing the place! For myself, the question was: Does the city hold up to expectation without the event buzz? (...)
    • New Silca tools, guaranteed to go straight to the top of your 'need' list

      If you’re looking for the best option available, the price of Silca products is a price worth paying: you’ll get a product which is truly designed to last a lifetime, will serve its purpose admirably, and will look amazing to boot. (...)
    • The (not so) Winter Hack Bike

      Thanks to modern-day steel, the winter hack bike is no longer the beast of burden of bike lore. Svelte, skinny, and yes even stylish, your off-season love interest is now a serious contender for a hazy summer of continent-crossing romance. With a few lessons in etiquette, it might even shave its legs, but let's not be hasty... (...)
    • Coming Soon to Store: Strawfoot Bags

      We take a look behind the scenes at the new-to-store brand, Strawfoot bags. These US made bags have garnered quite a following from those in the know, we take a look why. (...)
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