2014 Giro Gloves - Technology Explained

The Giro Tech trilogy concludes with the new Giro Gloves for 2014. A vital part of your comfort, gloves are a main contact point between you and the bike; the right gloves can spell an end to numb, sore hands wherever the ride takes you.

Three Piece Palm Construction

Giro have missed a trick here by not naming this feature the hugely catchy "three piece palm padding" but other than that we have few complaints. By using three pieces to construct the gloves the hand can move more freely giving better control without compromising the feel of the bar.



Pittards Leather

Gloves such as the LX feature Pittards leather. Pittards leather is specially treated to absorb less water and being natural leather, the LX for example, will mold to your hand over time.



Clarino Microfibre

Clarino has been used in selected Giro gloves such as the Xen. Clarino mimics the properties of natural leather with added durability and water resistance - there's a reason it's used in Giro MTB gloves.

AX Suede Microfibre

AX suede is a micro fibre that is perfect for everyday use. Comfortable and durable AX suede construction is featured in the Giro Hoxton and Rulla city gloves. For true performance features, Pittards or Clarino are go to materials.




Originally designed for the medical industry Technogel is a polyurethane cushioning material that molds to the hand to create an even pressure distribution. It is 30% more absorbent to impact than standard gel padding so whether it's the cobbles of Belgium or the trails of the Alps Technogel should be working its medical magic.

Poron XRD

If you've read the other tech blogs - well done if you have - you'll be familiar with Poron. A material added to gloves or shoes to imcreas shock absorbsion, it has been used in Giro MTB gloves such as the Xen.


Giro Xen Glove


Touchscreen technology

So here we are, the last bit of tech of the last blog, it's been an emotional ride.

What can we say about touchscreen technology then - well it lets you use a touchscreen device without removing your gloves, that's about it really - such an anticlimax.

So folks, that's it. If you dragged yourself through all three Giro tech blogs you should be armed with enough info to frighten the local shop guys or impress your fellow riders.

So next time you're next to someone at the lights, you have friends round for dinner or are in your local shop why not try and impress them with your knowledge of Pittards leather, Neutral Lasts or Roc Loc 5? (Don't do this, they won't be impressed)

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