2014 Giro Shoes - Technology Explained

Part 2 of the Giro Jargon busting glossary is here - here to explain what all that carbon, microfibre and racheting buckles on the new Giro shoes actually do to improve your ride.

Neutral Platform

First up is Giro's Neutral Platform. Basically this means that all of the Giro shoes from the Prolight to the Treble were built on the same lasts. All of the shoes are designed with a neutral fit, which means no tilt or permanent adjustments have been built into the shoes. Surely this would make all the shoes uncomfortable? Not using Giro's insoles.



SuperNatural Fit Kit

By manufacturing on neutral lasts Giro shoes can be tailoerd to the riders foot at home using the SuperNatural Fit Kit. What comes in the box is an insole that has interchangeable arch supports - small, medium, large and extra large for the men's kit and just small, medium and large for the women's. The supports velcro on and off, so don't worry if you don't know how much arch support you need - few people do. By getting the right arch support, hotspots, numbness, and cramping can be reduced. If this is a deal breaker for you - it comes as standard with all shoes over £150 and should be available as an extra later in 2014.



So to the outside of the shoe…

MR-1 and MR-2 Buckle


Giro Shoes MR-1 ratcheting buckle


The basic difference between the MR-1 and MR-2 is how precise the adjustment is. The MR-1 allows two way 2mm adjustments whilst the MR-2 allows 3mm increments to tension the strap and a quick release mechanism to loosen it.

Evo Fibre

Evo Fibre is a mesh, micro-fibre mash up. Eliminating adhesives needed in mesh construction improves the durability of the shoe. Evo Fibre is also fast drying, shapes to your foot, and helpfully, is easy to clean.


X-Static padding brings some serious flair to the Giro range with pure silver permanently woven into the fabric. Silver in fact has 100% natural anti microbial performance that helps to reduce odour and regulate heat keeping your Prolight, Factor or Empire fresh.



Aegis Microbe Shield

Ok, this is the last of the technical fibres. Basically Aegis does the same as X-Static but without the silver.



If your still with me, lets look at the soles.

Easton engineered outsole plates

Easton have been making wheels for nearly 30 years; they are carbon experts. Giro turned to Easton to help them develop an outsole that provided a direct powerful connection to the pedals. What is most noticeable to the rider is that the outsoles are flat and do not wrap around the foot. This allows the foot to flex and "spill over" the edges preventing pain caused by restricting the foot. Does this affect power transfer? No, the tiny amount of power lost by compressing the foot causes no difference to power output. The Giro outsole allows a comfortable, smooth motion.




Dupont nylon is a carbon alternative in the manufacture of the Giro outsole. Versatile, light and stiff it out-performs other nylons and even competes with some carbon shoes. If versatility is important for you and those extra few grams are neither here nor there then you could do a lot worse than Dupont Nylon.



Poron XRD

Poron isn't a material used to make the whole outsole but has been used in shoes such as the Chamber Mid to increase their shock absorbing properties around the heel. Using "intelligent molecules" that lock together on impact the Poron soled shoes provide that extra level of support on rocky trails and hard switchbacks.


You may recognize Vibram from a pair of a walking boots you have. That's because Vibram are an industry leader in performance rubber soles. The Terraduro features a Vibram sole that significantly increases the durability of the shoe making it a perfect wet trail shoe or even a tourer.

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