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When we started back in 2008, it was with a handpicked collection of apparel from new makers and start-ups (with a smattering of mainstream brands in there for good measure, of course). A little later we added a range of rider-favourite accessories, like bottles, bar-grips, bags & beer openers (you get the picture). Where there was one glaring omission, well, we’ve fixed that too. Yep, we’re proud to say that the line-up is complete: Always Riding now sell bikes!

Without the bike, why, we were just a store that men (and now thankfully, a lot of women) came to purchase lycra. We hoped they went out for bike rides in it, but they may also have strutted, danced and lunged at will; sans-bike, if you please. Of course, we’ve always been about a lot more than lycra. From urban cycling apparel that thankfully leaves room for the imagination, to merino wool gear that all but bleats when stroked (perhaps a quality issue there…), it’s not all been about the lycra. Still, now that we sell bikes, well, it all adds a bit more context to the whole thing, doesn’t it?

But which bikes, you ask? We’ve gone with a range that blends road, gravel and touring, with a dash of city on the side. That means Ritchey bikes and frames, Charge, GT, Bobbin & Cinelli bikes & frames. It’s not easy choosing a bike range, so this is just a start. Soon you’ll see exclusive brands and eye-catching tech - possibly even a bit of ‘e’ for good measure.

Got a brand you’d like us to stock? Let us know. In the meantime, here’s a few of our bikes to get you in the zone.

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To be truly Always Riding would of course require a caffeine habit of pannier-troubling proportions. The miles would fly by for a time, but after, oh let's say 20 hours on the bike, things might get a touch peaky. Let's call it a mindset to live by then rather than a mantra, and leave it at that.
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