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Always Riding Christmas Collection 2015

Though the snow may not yet be falling, and though that itself is a Christmas gift for cyclists, Yuletide has certainly flitted in on that Northerly along with the usual bunch of tenuous celebrities and their moth-like obsession for streetlighting.

What with Father Christmas being a late adopter when it comes to personal transportation trends, we thought it best to make sure the cycling community were served without swapping out their bib tights for stockings or substituting their rain capes for reindeer.

So, while we at Always Riding don’t go in for doctrinally declaring Days to Go or shouting Santa at you, we have gone ahead and put together a collection of cycling curiosities that gave us good shivers (rather than the "I forgot my gloves" sorts) and placed it fairy-like atop our main homepage banner for your perusal.

Flick through, if you will, and have a lust over merinos, be besotted with backpacks or just browse for a beloved; it’s as you like, and we hope you like it.

Alternatively, check out our blog where we'll be publishing some selected gift guides for cyclists, by cyclists. We’re pretty confident there’ll be a gift for the lycra/wool covered wastrel in your life, and that you too can relearn just what fun it is to ride...

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About the Rider: Will
Always Riding's in-house language loon, serial quipper, and odd shoe wearer. Un échappé from Somerset, Will is a bicycling country bumpkin cutting his chainring teeth in London town. Identified out on the road by his predisposition for cycling caps, approach with caution or cake.
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