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Co-founder of Always Riding, Pete enjoys road, trail and a good city commute. Most of all though, he loves chatting to other riders, the mid-ride stop after a leg-breaking ascent, and a cup of tea at the end of the ride. There is no truth in the rumour that he likes to wear women's clothes and hang around in bars. No truth at all.

    • The (not so) Winter Hack Bike

      Thanks to modern-day steel, the winter hack bike is no longer the beast of burden of bike lore. Svelte, skinny, and yes even stylish, your off-season love interest is now a serious contender for a hazy summer of continent-crossing romance. With a few lessons in etiquette, it might even shave its legs, but let's not be hasty... (...)
    • Bags of Canada - YNOT Made

      It's well-known that we’re fans of a good bag at Always Riding, so we leapt at the chance to bring YNOT’s Canadian-made bags & accessories to the store. Renowned for their build quality, intuitive trims and a determination to see things done right, under the stewardship of founder Tony Mammoliti, this young bike bag brand has gained a loyal following both at home and abroad. (...)
    • Riding Away From Things

      In the midst of a whirling storm, chilled to the bone and lodged precariously against the stout wooden boarding (worryingly called The Groins) on Whitstable Beach, I realised with no little surprise that I was enjoying myself. What were we three doing on a beach in England in February? A foolhardy enterprise and no mistake, but the source of our current discomfort was not far away. (...)
    • Handsomer & Handsomer - The Blaze Laserlight Gets a New Black Colourway

      We're big fans of Blaze's ground-projecting, traffic warning, see me a'comin bike light, but that fandom got a whole heap bigger last week with the release of the London brand's new black Laserlight colourway. (...)
    • A Beautiful Mess - The Home Bike Workshop

      When you're surrounded by some of the most heart-palpitating, fever-inducing, eye-ball poppin' products day by day, it's all too easy to lose the box-fresh frisson of excitement of that very first encounter. "Oh yeah, whatever, another titanium skewer - boring!". (...)
    • Preview - Omata Analogue GPS Bike Speedometer

      For any road rider laden with a seemingly endless array of bleeping, calorie counting, pixel-heavy tech on their bike (and increasingly on their person), there comes a time when riding free of distractions becomes more desirable than counting the minutiae of the ride. It seems that we are not the only ones looking to reclaim our handlebar real-estate from over-eager gadgets, which is why the Omata are building “world's first analogue GPS bike speedometer” and holy cow if it isn’t bloody gorgeous! (...)
    • Landed - Ibex Wool Cycling Shorts, Knicks & Bibs

      Ibex wool has long been an Always Riding favourite. In fact, if we lived in Middle-Earth, these Vermont-based woolieers would undoubtedly be based in Rivendell, where, between altogether too many poems about sheep (the love betwixt man and sheep, price of wool etc etc) their Merino meisters would blend and twirl this most soft of fabrics into cycling garments of style and utility. (...)
    • Woods, sheep and Always Riding (plus a little rubber)

      There's something about being amidst the trees, above the morning mist, and nestled amongst hills more mountain than rolling dale. We don't know what that something is, and it could of course be a debilitating sheep-allergy, but it's where we are from, where we belong, and now, thanks to an epic tea-fuelled move from our base near London, where we are based. (...)
    • Preview - The Quoc Road Cycling Shoe

      Regular visitors to Always Riding will perhaps know that we've been rolling with Quoc Pham cycling shoes since day one. Made with real care, attention to detail and ideally suited to both on and off the bike use, Quoc has made a name for urban cycling and touring footwear of the finest quality. On a personal note, Quoc is also one of the nicest people in the bike industry, and it's been a real pleasure watching his brand take off, and to become firm friends along the way. (...)
    • Out of Instagram & Into Our Hands - 2016 Giro Footwear Hits the Store

      A new drop of Giro footwear never fails to excite, and for 2016, this genre-spanning US brand has taken its cycling shoe game to a whole new level; with fresh colours that have us amped for the epic rides we now we’re going to tackle this year. (...)
    • 'Tis The Season To Get Muddy!

      Ah, the wind in your hair, the grit in your teeth, and the tantalising danger of mowing down frantically bleating sheep - it can all only mean one thing! Yes sir, the hose-it-down-she'll-be-alright-oh-jesus-don't-aim-it-at-the-hubs-you-maniac season is among us! Rejoicings! (...)
    • Meet the Maker - Saffron Frameworks

      Based only a stone’s throw from London’s Thames Barrier - that 520m wide moveable flood barrier that stops us all getting wet feet, lives Saffron Bikes, a builder of fine bespoke bicycles. Bookended by double bass makers and the innumerate small, independent businesses that keep the Big Smoke smoking, Saffron occupy a light, friendly workshop space, heavy on tools, tea, and just the right amount of visible swarf to reassure as to the reason for our visit. (...)
    • Landed - Lumo Cycling Jackets, Bags & Accessories

      A clever combination of wearable LED light tech and the sort of high-grade fabric that has Swiss scientists jiggling in their seats, the Lumo cycling jackets collection includes the wool-blend Regents Parka and swish Herne Hill Harrington Jackets for both men and women. (...)
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