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Banana & Buckwheat Fuelled Pancakes

Who doesn’t enjoy pancakes in some form? Our Banana Fuelled Pancakes are a fun twist on a kitchen classic and provide a healthier alternative to the traditional pancake, whilst serving up the right fuel to start the day. Buckwheat has been proven to be one of the best forms of complex carbs available, so we've combined it with banana to create a mouth-watering sweet and savoury balance. These delicious pancakes will leave you feeling energised, fueled and ready for even the biggest ride!

Banana buckwheat pancake ingredients

Ingredients (mix makes approximately 6 medium size pancakes)

3 over ripened bananas
2 eggs
1 cup buckwheat flakes
¼ cup sultanas
40g chia seeds
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon
splash of milk

Whisk the mixture

Banana Pancakes Mixture


1. In a mixing bowl, mash the banana until a smooth puree (use either a fork for this)
2. Add in the buckwheat, salt, cinnamon, chia seeds and sultanas to the mix and combine well
3. The mix will be quite dense at this point, so loosen it off by adding the eggs and if necessary a splash of milk – just remember that the banana is very wet and the pancakes will retain some of this moisture, so don’t go too over the top
4. Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat, and spray with canola oil
5. Ladel in the mix into the pan, and roll the pan around to spread the mix evenly
6. Allow the mix to set and colour lightly before flipping using a spatula
7. Continue cooking through....
8. Once you've arrived at a lovely golden brown hue, remove from the pan and set aside
9. Repeat with the rest of the mix for further pancakes

Delicious banana & buckwheat pancakes, perfect with a cup of coffee and an issue of Cyclist magazine!

We'd recommend serving these plump lovelies with a handful of fresh berries or chopped banana alongside a freshly brewed coffee!

Photos credit - Harry Engels Photography

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