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Brooks Saddles - A Second Coming?

In a world where an instant message app is valued in billions, we personally find comfort, and more than a little sanity reflecting on the manufacturing legacy of a company like bicycle saddle maker Brooks England. As one of their notable and foremost product lines, Brooks saddles have been produced since the 1880s, when the Birmingham based company filed its first world changing patent.


Brooks Cambium C13

Now owned by Selle Royal of Italy, Brooks England saddles are a touring cyclists stalwart companion. In fact, it's often joked by Brooks aficionados that only the first 500 miles are uncomfortable, and whilst this of course doesn’t hold true nowadays, it does offer a window into how cyclists view their relationship with their saddle; it’s a true relationship, and a lifelong one at that.

Sporting a fundamental design of leather top stretched out between a metal cantle plate, attached via steel or copper rivets, the core of the Brooks line has not changed radically since the halcyon early days, yet over recent years, the company has seen a sea-change in fortunes, with more and more riders both inside and outside the traditional touring market falling in love with the Brooks legacy. With a second-coming, Selle Royal’s stewardship has heralded an expanded range, a return to pure manufacturing practices that sees all but the new Cambium series manufactured in Birmingham, England, and a painstaking approach to packaging, presentation and marketing. In short, we are lucky enough to cycle in a time when one of the oldest and most well-loved of brands is doing everything right, and as cyclists, we can’t help but feel immense pride in that.



In recent weeks we have been slowly expanding upon our Brooks bag range to include Brooks bar tape and grips, and of course, a select line of Brooks saddles, including the much awarded Cambium line for both men and women. Over the coming months we plan to expand this curated selection in response to rider feedback, so if you are looking for a certain colour and model, then please do get in contact with us.

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