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With the release of the Cambium C13 one-piece braided carbon frame saddle - a racing evolution of the phenomenally successful Cambium C15 model - Brooks England has taken a decisive step to support the more hard-charging 'on the rivet' road cyclist. With a vulcanised rubber and cotton saddle upper for a reassuring natural flex mated to a continuous carbon saddle rail to eliminate contact points, the C13 pairs the best of Brooks England's saddle smarts with a road purist's aesthetic.

The C13 then, is a serious contender to top-off your seat post, but released at 132mm wide, not one that will suit all riders (we mean of course, sit bone widths). However, a few months on and with crowd-sourced rider comments fed back into the design process, Brooks England has released the 145 width Cambium C13, and 158 model.

C13 Saddle Top View
C13 Saddle Side View!

C13 Saddle Rear View

With a huge amount of rider-sourced data at their finger tips (if not their posteriors), we spoke to our friends at Brooks England to find out which saddle width a rider unsure of their size should go for. The answer? 80% of riders choose the middle-width 145 Cambium C13, with the rest choosing the narrow 132 model, and the remainder with the widest sit bones, the 158 version.

Here on the store we've got all widths of the C13 saddle available, and should you have any questions pre-purchase we would be glad to help you choose the perfect width for your ride. Whether you require the narrowest model, or the widest (and remember, sit bone widths bear no relation to your physical size!), you are sure to enjoy comfort, support & performance from your new C13 saddle.


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