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So, you've heard about their rough, tough urban credentials and you fancy a slice of the action but, just exactly which Chrome backpack do you need? It's a tough question, and one not helped by the fact that broadly speaking, Chrome's backpack offerings are all so damned capable. There are differences though, and specialisms that you'd do well to exploit, so, with a run through and a low down on what's in the range, we're here to take you by the hand and lead you through the dizzying world of 1000D Cordura, Rolltop closures and truck tarp liners.

And, yes, we promise that will all make sense by the end of this blog, so, bear with us.

The City Slicker

Chrome Backpack blog yalta

Cycling around town casually doesn't need you to tow around a lot of stuff, but your Chrome bag needs to be a tough fella to deal with the diversity of dashing around in the rain to dawdling along in the sun. To this end, you'll probably want to consider the Chrome Rostov, a sleek water resistant backpack with a small padded compartment to squeeze a 13" notebook or tablet into. With space for the assorted everyday essentials, you can happily slip around town without worrying about what you can and can't take with you.

Another option for the big day out in town is the Chrome Kliment Backpack. With 32 litres of storage, it's a big fella, but cinched down by virtue of it's external straps, it needn't be all that. Adaptable then, it includes space for documents and a laptop, and boasting water resistance, this is a good looking office raider. Made with a Military Grade Truck-Tarpaulin liner (the material you wish your umbrella were made of), you can be sure that your essentials are safe and dry for when you need them at the other side.

The Urban Adventurer

Barrage Cargo Chrome Backpack

If you've got a load to lug, then the Barrage Cargo Backpack is simply what it's all about. It's a bit of a star product for Chrome Industries, and perhaps takes home the trophy for most popular Chrome Backpack - an a trophy it will handily and easily swallow. Taking it's name from the clever net weave or Cordura straps that cover the backpack externally and provide insane expandable capacity. Coupled with a pretty cavernous internal waterproof pocket offering 22-24 litres of storage, this bag is certainly one for the long, rough, tough 'I don't know where I'm going to end up" sort of day.

If you're looking to be able to carry a decent amount in a more formal style, check out the Chrome Bravo 2.0 Backpack. Offering internal waterproofing and an internal laptop compartment to fit up to a 13" device, a barmy 32L capacity sees everything you need taken along for the ride. With additional capacity added by virtue of the external cross clips, the Bravo 2.0 slips stylishly into the office, but also looks pretty good in the bar around the corner...

The Tech Addict

Barrage Cargo Chrome Backpack

Now, hopping between cafés meetings, the office, and home, your Chrome backpack of choice will be one that can accommodate your laptop and other devices whilst your tapping out a rhythm on the pedals. Happily, just such a bag exists, the Hightower Backpack. With padded laptop pouch, tablet pouch, phone pocket and several other internal organisation pockets, the Hightower will fit anything up to 15" whilst still swallowing 23 litres of your things. Although not exclusive in its ability to carry your tech, the Hightower is certainly the most specialised for the task, and, if that's your key motive, then you surely can't go wrong.

Rounding Up

So, as you can see, you're fairly spoilt for choice. Fortunately though, with utterly bombproof design and lifetime guarantees, it's not really possible to make a bad decision when it comes to Chrome Backpacks. Reliable, strong, robust, there really aren't enough superlative adjectives to describe this staple urban cycling brand and their wares, so, why not check them out for yourself?


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