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Coming soon for Spring/Summer 2016… new Sugoi!

Cycle clothing brand Sugoi have certainly given themselves a name and a half to live up to, with ‘Sugoi’ translating as ‘incredible’ in Japanese. Luckily for them, since being set up in 1987 the company has consistently produced top quality innovative cycle clothing with a surprisingly low price tag: incredible indeed! Perhaps for this reason, Sugoi is a brand which has a loyal following among riders in search of kit to keep them at the top of their game.

Sugoi clothing

Sugoi make various levels of apparel, from their top-end RS and RSE ranges which utilise the most innovative material, technology and design, to the more entry-level, but still well-performing Evolution range. Some of you may have noticed some new Sugoi lines popping up on our website recently, and any day now we’re expecting to receive an exciting delivery of new 'incredible' to Always Riding HQ. With a range that includes something for all types of riders, from hardcore roadies to commuters to trail riders, what are the highlights for us?

First things first, we believe that the foundation of a good ride experience is an effective padded short (no one wants to be plagued with nether region niggles whilst out riding!), and Sugoi have some excellent bib short, bib knicker and bib tight options for male and female riders. At all levels across the range you can be guaranteed high quality fabrics and a well-tailored fit, as well as an effective chamois designed for hours in the saddle.

A favourite of ours from the RS range is the women’s RS Pro bib shorts and bib knickers, which feature Sugoi’s innovative ‘Pit Stop’ technology, which eliminates the hassle from nature breaks with the addition of quick release clips on the front of the bib straps, for strip-free comfort breaks. For male riders who don’t ‘do’ lycra (at least, not as an outer layer), the RPM-X short is a practical option for commuting, trail riding or touring. A waterproof RPM-X is also available.

Sugoi Apparel

In terms of new Sugoi outerwear, the RS Jacket (available in a men's and women's cut) is a super-packable ultra-lightweight rain jacket which is very reasonably priced. Utilising Sugoi’s ultra-fine denier ‘Helium’ fabric, this race fit jacket is highly wind and water repellant and also very breathable. The RS jacket would fit in a rear jersey pocket or under the saddle and would be a good option for those times when you don’t want to risk going out without a rain jacket but want to keep things to a minimum. The women’s version of the jacket is a gorgeous jade green.

The recent (albeit still fairly cold) sunshine in the UK has made it impossible not to start feeling a little thrill of excitement at the prospect of the warmer weather we can (hopefully) look forward to in the not-too-distant future. If, like us, you can’t get dreams of long rides in double figure temperatures off your mind, Sugoi make some products which we think may be as welcome an addition to a hot weather ride as a pre-chilled drinks bottle.

Starting small, the Sugoi Arm Coolers offer the same kind of temperature regulation and moisture wicking you find in a warm weather base layer, but for your arms. Providing an extra layer to protect you from sun and heat, they have a UPF rating of factor 50 and are made from Sugoi’s innovative ‘Icefil’ fabric, which is designed to react with perspiration to provide a cooling effect. The Sugoi Arm Coolers would be an ideal solution for keeping cool (and sun-protected) on those days when stepping outside is akin to walking into an oven and when it’s actually warmer to ride than to stop, as the ‘breeze’ is hotter than the still air.

Sugoi Bike Wear

Sugoi have also employed the cooling ‘Icefil’ fabric for their warm weather base layers, the men’s and women’s RS Base Layer. Combined with a carefully tailored mesh fabric, the design is super-low-profile, and these sleeveless base layers would be an ideal option to complement a race fit jersey for warmer weather riding.

We really can’t get summer off our minds here at the moment, but we do also have some intermediate weather options arriving from Sugoi which could come in handy in the next few months whilst we await the truly warm weather. For example, Sugoi’s RS arm and leg warmers represent a good, solid option for when you don’t want to use your full-on winter gear but would like a bit of extra limb insulation when it’s not quite warm enough to bare arms and legs.

Finally, for any commuters who missed it first time round, Sugoi make a really innovative waterproof cycle jacket which 'lights up' when hit with artificial light. The Zap jacket is available in men's and women's cuts and uses Pixel Woven fabric, which incorporates micro glass beads which are very subtle in normal daylight conditions but offer 360 degrees of visibility when hit with artificial light - its effectiveness really has to be seen to be believed.

Sugoi Cycle Clothing


Sugoi Cycle Clothing

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