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Giro New Road arrives at Always Riding

Arriving soon & exclusively online in the UK at Always Riding (or even available now if you're reading this in the future - spooky), Giro New Road - the full men and women's cycle clothing line aimed at adventuresome city, road and touring riders either looking to transition from saddle to street, or take on a longer ride with stops along the way.

Replete with rider friendly features and a whole host of intentionally hidden bike tech, the Giro New Road collection encompasses three core ranges plus outerwear, all of which we'll be writing about quite comprehensively in the coming weeks.

One noteworthy Giro principle for New Road is the use of fabrics that best fit the needs of the rider, which could include Schoeller Wool or even Power Stretch Herringbone as two quite exotic examples. Each garment has been designed with a purpose in mind - and the fabric chosen accordingly.

Giro Made in California

Giro's relationship with their garment's manufacture is something of a rarity for a company of its size. For example, the California Collection is made in the same state the range was designed in - yes, you guessed it California. Using high-end fabrics that specifically met the requirements of the design brief allowed Giro to make constant tweaks and changes before manufacturing them right in their backyard.

Giro New Road Womens

For now though, please feel free to check out the Giro brand page, from where you can handily filter by 'Collection' to see only New Road lines, all of which are coming either very soon, or for future boy, here now.

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