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Henrichs Reflective Cycle Clothing - Coming Soon

The words 'high vis vest' strike fear into the sartorial cyclist. Yes it does offer some practicality but a lot of reflective cycling gear doesn't even use the most reflective fabrics out there! Putting this madness to one side Henrichs Design offer a new approach to reflective cycle clothing, one that is both stylish and forward thinking in terms of its highly technical fabrics and dedication to domestic manufacture.


Henrichs Samurai Cape



Henrichs' first design - the Women's Cape - started life as a university project and after 10 years as a journalist, founder Sara Henrichs decided it was time to design a complete range. And that first cape? Not only does it form the core of the range but it is still being worn by Sara to this day.


So how does Henrichs differ from the bulk of reflective cycle clothing? First up it utilizes one of the most technically advanced Schoeller fabrics around. A wind and waterproof construction has been woven with glass fibers to provide a 3M reflective fabric than can be seen up to 100m away. Henrichs is also manufactured in small batches in a London based workshop before hand embossing the Henrichs logo onto the base of the garments.



Henrichs Stamp



Expect stock to land for Autumn/Winter this year.

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