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Chrome Industries with their range of bags and backpacks to suit every need are simply one of our favourite brands here at Always Riding. So, having built our backpacks, we were pretty stoked to see that the new Chrome Collection took the apparel lines to the next level, and, well, we jumped at the offer of bringing them in, as much for our own satisfaction as yours.

So, what's headed our way? Well, we thought a quick breakdown was necessary, and what better way to do that than to show you some flash images of some rugged streets? Well, without much further-a-do...

New Chrome Bags


With Chrome staples such as the Barrage Cargo, Kadet, Citizen and Bravo 2.0 back for more in all new colourways, the biggest innovation in the bag line from Chrome actually comes in the form of the all new Chrome Macheto Travel Pack. Designed to be the bag for all occasions, the Macheto Travel Pack looks equally at home in a boardroom as it does in the overhead luggage compartment, and when not doing the deals, does fantastically a cycling backpack. With its arm straps folding away, the internals of the bag are compartmentalised to separate out your used shoes from your freshly pressed Sunday best. Having been privy to an early look, we have to say that we tip this bag for greatness, so good luck wrestling one away from us.

Some lines should also be consecrated to the new Chrome Barrage Cargo Night Edition, which, with its high flare reflective print pattern is perfect for twilight pursuits in and around town. Offering all the same functionality as it's less flashy but equally practical cousins, this Barrage Cargo keeps a pared down look, but becomes a potential life saver under headlights.

New Chrome Apparel


The apparel line is one that Chrome has fanned out, and, offering a broader selection of jackets than ever before, there's no excuse not to be set for the city chill as the winds turn and the nights get shorter.

After some urban style with a healthy dash of practicality? Look no further than the Chrome Utility Bomber. With pockets aplenty for carrying all your essentials on the bike, this is a neatly protective jacket for the winter months, offering you a nice buffer from unfriendly chunks of cold air.

New Chrome Shoes


One of the standouts of this season's Chrome collection has to be the 415 Pro Boot. Combining high top style with a specially designed four layer waterproof membrane, these shoes are available in both ultra high resistance cordura for the likes of the bike messengers, and a more plush and stylish leather for the office meanderers and smart casual commuter. Sturdy, solid, and brilliant both on and off the bike, the 415 Pro range is set to become quite a winter hit, catering as it does for most every urban cycling situation.

Rounding Up and Counting Down


So, if urban cycling style is very much your sort of thing, why not come and checkout our carefully selected but entirely comprehensive range in our urban cycling apparel category? As ever, if you find yourself lost, or just wanting a bit of help on picking your way through product lines, just drop us a line using the chat!

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