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Whether for security reasons, protection from the elements, or the simple fact that bikes are beautiful, many riders choose to store their favourite wheels inside. There are also lots of other benefits, aside from the stylistic: security, an easier exit in the morning - whatever the reason, if you've been thinking of bringing your beloved inside (we mean of course, the bike...) then read on!


Here at Always Riding, we’re big fans of the wall-mounted bike rack as the ultimate indoor bike storage solution. By hanging your bike on the wall you not only get extra living space, but the inevitable wall-to-bike and bike-to-wall scuffing is eliminated, your bike is no longer a trip hazard for you or anyone else you share your living quarters with, and the chances of accidentally coating clothes and furniture in bike oil are drastically reduced. Overall, a wall mounted bike rack creates a bike storage environment which is much neater and better for all concerned.


In the past, bike storage options were a bit on the boring, fugly side. However, indoor bike rack design has come on immensely in recent years and now there are a whole range of stylish, quirky or artistic rack options. We stock a range of some of the more interesting indoor bike rack options available, all of which are very functional as well as looking super - an ideal solution for discerning riders wanting something which will add beauty to their home as well as fulfil an important storage need.



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