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We are excited to announce the arrival of Velocity Cycle Wear to Always Riding HQ this week! We have been eyeing up their awesome urban cycling trousers for a while now so it has been a great pleasure to add them to our range of urban cycle apparel. With options for men and women, the trousers are great if you are looking for a pair of kegs you can wear day in day out both on the bike and off. Read on for why we love these trousers so much.

Stylish cycling trousers for women
Stylish cycling trousers for men


Unlike some trousers which have been designed for active or cycle-specific use, the Velocity trousers won’t make you look like you’ve stepped off the front cover of Walk Magazine (not that there is a problem with that if that is your kind of thing!). Their tailored cut and smart-looking fabric does not look out of place in most urban environments. We’ve worn them to work meetings, meals out with friends, museums, cafes, the theatre… put it this way, there are few places we haven’t worn these trousers! If you work in the City, are going to a job interview or otherwise need a suited-and-booted look then these might not be smart enough, but we have found that they offer a nice smart-casual look suitable for most circumstances.


Although they do not look like they have been designed specifically for cycling, the Velocity Climber Trousers have many features that make them well suited to life on a bike.

Velocity cycling trousers - so flexible you could climb in them!
Easy leg movement in Velocity cycle trousersVelocity cycle trousers have plenty of give and stretch in them

Nice Amount Of Stretch

The trousers are made from a cotton drill fabric which is 98% cotton and 2% elastane. This offers just enough give for easy pedalling movement and getting your leg over the top tube, without having the informal look of many other stretchy fabrics.

The reinforced diamond gusset makes the seat area extra comfortable and durable
Articulated knees make for easy pedalling

Reinforced Diamond Gusseted Crotch and Articulated Knees

Offering enhanced comfort and ease of movement whilst on the bike, these two features make a big difference to how trousers feel to wear on the bike, but are not noticeable when you're wearing them off the bike.

A High Cut Back and Low Cut Front

The trousers are cut to keep you covered and comfortable in an on-the-bike position.

Reflective details for better nighttime visibility

Reflective Details

Reflective rear pocket trim and a reflective logo on the turn-up enhance nighttime and low light visibility.

Schoeller NanoSphere fabric treatment

Built-in Water Resistance

The trousers use a Schoeller NanoSphere fabric treatment. This repels water so the trousers won't easily soak up light rain - instead it will bead and then roll off. The treatment is applied using nano technology, which is more effective than traditional textile treatment processes.

Easier To Clean

As well as repelling water, the Nanosphere fabric treatment also repels other things your trousers might accidentally come into contact with - like mud, hot drinks or sauces. If the substance doesn't run off right away, it is easier to wipe off or spot clean, making it easier to keep the trousers respectable-looking.

Durable Construction

The cotton drill fabric is tough and long-lasting and won’t thin, fade, bobble or go shiny like some other fabric used in outdoor-oriented apparel. Obviously in time the trousers will wear out, but you'll get a good amount of life out of them first.

Inside Velocity's British factory
Inside Velocity's UK factory - another shot

Made in the UK

All Velocity trousers are designed and manufactured in the UK. As well as supporting local business, this means that Velocity can keep a close eye on the production of the trousers at every stage of the process, and also innovate and respond to feedback quickly. If like us you’re concerned about the origin of your kit, it also means that you can be confident that supply chain miles are kept to a minimum and that the trousers are made in a high quality facility by staff paid a decent wage.

Good value

Considering the high quality of construction and materials used as well as the fact that the trousers are made in the UK, we think they are a really good value for money option. They have a lower price tag than some of the alternative cycling-specific trousers on the market, and offer a design and style which is different to alternatives (and is, in many cases, superior).

Velocity Women's Cycle Trousers - a stylish, comfortable option for female riders

Options for women as well as men

The whole reason Velocity was set up was because its founder Carolyn couldn’t find a good pair of women’s cycling trousers. Designing good cycling trousers for women has always been at the heart of what Velocity do, and we think it's great that as a result of this initial bugbear of Carolyn's, there are now great cycling trousers for both women and men. In a world where lots of brands do not cater for female cyclists at all, their excellent options for women are particularly notable.

Velocity Climber Shorts in grey
Velocity Climber Shorts in black

Other Velocity Products

Velocity also make cycle-specific shorts, which are essentially a shorter version of the trousers. They have all the same features as the trousers (minus the obvious like the articulated knees and reflective logo on the turn-up) and are great for warmer weather riding. The shorts are available in grey and black.

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Carolyn and Lois are Velocity

More about Velocity

Velocity Cycle Wear was set up by founder Carolyn Gaskell after she became fed up with the dearth of decent cycling trousers available for women. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to design a pair herself, and Velocity Cycle Wear was born. Velocity now manufacture both trousers and shorts for cycling and have options for men as well as women. High quality fabrics, designs and construction have made Velocity trousers popular among urban cyclists looking for something a bit different to ride in, and we're really excited to be adding them to our range of urban cycle clothing.




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