Landed and Live - Morvelo Spring Summer 16

Back with all the colours and designs we love, the Morvelo Spring Summer '16 Collection has landed at Always Riding and we thought we'd announce it's arrival with the fanfare it so clearly deserves.

With special attention always given to the design and aesthetics, in their latest offering, those Brighton based barnstormers have done themselves proud with a range of patterns covering the classical lines of 50s climbs right through to bold colour blocs, so there's something to tickle everyone's fancy.

Morvelo Color Bloc Socks

The Morvelo Spring Summer 16 range doesn't just hold your gaze though, and if you like a good practical problem putting to bed, then this range is an absolute joy. Catering for those longer rides and focusing on durability, the latest Nth Series jerseys are equipped with extra side panel pockets and variable weave patterns to allow for targeted performance benefits.

Off the bike, their range of tees and shirts will see you right on those strange days when divorced from your bicycle, and the world seems such a strange and funny place to be. Pull on a Morvelo tee though and at least you can sprinkle some magic cycle dust into your day to day.

So, step right up and get yourself kitted out for that ride out into the fresh Spring air...

New Season


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