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The trouble with names, and new season Ornot cycling apparel

Things have to have names. A grunt and finger point might work for a hungry pro tour sprinter too tired to make it to the banana-bar, but in the bike world, the snappier name the better.

In the great tradition of bicycle naming that brought the world the Fine & Spanky Bib Short, our new season drop of San Francisco-baked Ornot cycling apparel includes the Blue Jersey, for both men and women, the Floral jersey (just for men currently!) and all-new Radical Sock.


Ornate Blue Jersey


A great design, considered fit and a fresh approach that is at once familiar and new is why riders are turning to Ornot apparel. As the season goes on, we’re really looking forward to sharing more pieces with you as they become available, which could see you turning towards home early from the cold, Ornot...

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