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New Speedplay Pedals: Installation & Maintenance

Okay okay, you guys win; the Always Riding community must be satisfied - we now stock pedals, Speedplay pedals to be precise. After lots of requests we have decided to add another string to our bow and bring in a range of pedals we think best reflects and complements our current range. Expect pedals ideally suited to the city rider, road racer, trail finder and sunset chaser with a whole heap of full product descriptions, proper pictures and service thrown in to make sure you get the pedal best suited to your riding habits and regularity.

First on the scene for us are Speedplay Pedals ..

American made, high performance, and a racer's favourite the Speedplay Pedal system boast unbeatable power transfer, comfort and functionality. Check out the Speedplay brand page for more info.

Despite being a main contact point on the bike the lowly pedal often gets little maintenance, often neglected for the more glamorous cassette, drive train or derailleur. What maintenance should a pedal get? Surely just screw it in, right? Wrong. Check out this video from Speedplay's tech team showing you how to keep your new Zeros spinning to their full capability using the Speedplay Grease Gun. Hey if a few grams matters, you don't want your pedal bearings giving you more resistance than necessary.


Speedplay Tech Series: Speedplay Cleat & Pedal Lubrication from Speedplay Pedals on Vimeo.


Now you've got those Speedplay pedals perfect, here's a set up guide for the cleat; check it out.


Speedplay Tech Series: Zero Cleat Installation from Speedplay Pedals on Vimeo.

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