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The latest addition to our indoor bike storage range comes from German start up Parax. The Parax D-Rack was invented by Torben Siegert, a sports science student and avid cyclist from Cologne who wanted a neat and elegant way to hang his beloved road bike above his bed in student digs. After the first prototype rack was developed (although at this stage he didn’t realise this was what it was!), Torben got request after request from friends and associates who had seen his rack and wanted one of their own. He soon realised the potential of the Parax design, teamed up with best friend Fridolin Foerster, refined the design of the rack and then launched it on Kickstarter. The rest, as they say, is history.


So what are the benefits of the Parax D-Rack? Well first off, they look stunning, with a subtle, sleek appearance and beautiful carved wood face. Unlike some alternatives, they won’t look out of place on the wall when your bike’s not there.


Secondly, the Parax D-Racks are incredibly well made. The main body of the rack is made from anodised CNC machined aluminium, and a separate mounting plate is used for attaching the rack securely to the wall. This creates a very secure fitting which you can feel really confident in.


Thirdly, the attention to detail in the design of the rack is impressive. Anti-skid silicone is used along the edges of the rack where the bike rests, protecting against potential paint damage and dings. An optional leather strap can be used to keep the front wheel aligned and preventing it from touching the wall or being knocked.


Fourthly, Parax has made it easy to get things completely perfect when you’re mounting the D-Rack to the wall. It comes with an ingenious mounting template which makes it easy to set up the rack so that your bike will hang completely level on the wall, even if you have a sloping top tube.


Fifthly, the D-Rack comes with everything you need to mount it onto the wall (minus a drill of course).


Finally, Parax has made sure that the D-Rack is made in as sustainable a way as possible. This includes sourcing materials as locally as possible, using sustainable materials like Norwegian Kebony wood, minimising packaging and ensuring control over the production process at every step. Both the packaging and the D-Rack itself are completely recyclable.

The Parax D-Rack is available in two sizes - Medium for handlebar widths up to 52cm and Large for handlebar widths up to 66cm. Hear from the guys themselves in this nice little video they've put together:


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