Bleak, harsh, cruel... beautiful, dramatic and enticing, Scandinavia includes some of the toughest terrain and stunning scenery on the planet. It's no wonder that Denmark-based Pas Normal Studios is becoming known for making understated, effective kit for winter riding.

Until recently, hearing the words ‘Scandi’ and ‘cycling’ together may most likely have brought to mind the Danish cycle chic which Copenhagen is famous for - everyone and their grandmother effortlessly riding a sturdy, upright town bike or smooth rolling cargo bike loaded with shopping, kids, dogs - the kind of everyday cycling that many of us in countries like the UK (which has a relatively low level of utility cycling) can only dream of.

But other types of cycling are also on the rise across Scandinavia too - recreational and sport cycling has surged in popularity in many Scandinavian countries over the last decade and Scandinavia is also becoming a popular destination for cycle holidays too. Last month saw the world road championships rolling up in Bergen, Norway, whilst Boasson Hagen, Kristoff and other pro riders have been flying the flag for Scandi countries on the grand tour circuit.

With its stunning scenery and top quality roads it is easy to see why cycling in Scandinavia is such an enticing prospect. It was in this lush cycling environment and with the backdrop of a growth in interest in cycling in Scandinavia that Pas Normal Studios was born. If you are not yet familiar with them, Pas Normal Studios is a cycle apparel brand with an aim to make technically perfect clothing complemented by clean lines and seasonal colours.

With a few seasons under their belt, the brand continue to make immensely nice kit for cycling, for both male and female cyclists. Kit is pro quality, style led, and designed to last. And if you are looking for kit which will perform well in the depths of winter, who better to trust than those who ride in some of the harshest cold weather conditions out there? The Pas Normal Studios Autumn Winter range includes jerseys, bibs, arm and leg warmers, base layers, tights, gilets and jackets, socks and caps - virtually everything you might need for staying dry and warm when the temperature drops and the wintry weather sets in.

In designing the range the brand took on the challenge of ensuring kit would effectively insulate from cold and wet without causing overheating or feeling bulky and uncomfortable. They were also determined not to compromise on style. When everything landed at AR HQ, we were keen to see whether the brand had successfully met their brief. And had they? Hell yeah! Nice colours, subtle styling, fabrics to die for… we are probably a bit more overkeen than the average rider when it comes to getting excited about technical fabrics, but at the end of the day if it looks nice and feels nice and works nice, well, we’ll have it!

With most items now in stock and available to order, we have also provided specific product measurements on the product page to help you decide which size will be right for you - just click on the 'Size Chart' link to check these out. Cut is true 'race fit' so most riders will need to size up from what they are used to (this includes smaller brands like Castelli) - if you're normally an M in Castelli or Rapha you'll probably be an L in Pas. As usual we are here to help if you need it and please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.

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