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Più di Pegoretti - Cycling Accessories Reimagined

There's little need to introduce a name like Dario Pegoretti, such is the esteem in which he is held by his contemporaries, but this Italian frame building master has taken a step away from the familiar steel tubes and taken a stride into the world of cycling accessories in his latest project, Più di Pegoretti.

In a collaborative project with students at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Pegoretti has put his design mind alongside aesthetic visions for assorted cycling paraphernalia. The outcome? 15 product prototypes that challenge conventional design values and set out some exciting concepts for those keen to modify, personalise and improve their cycling experience.


Speaking on the reasons behind this Italo-Germanic design hook-up, Pegoretti recalls his first visit to the revered German Academy as being "a breath of fresh air" and refers to the fact that he "had no idea how the collaboration would look like and what to expect...I was curious and saw a great opportunity for me to get some fresh input from young people, who have a completely different point of view."

This certainly seems to be the case, with the project throwing up some alternative and intriguing approaches to cycling staples - a combination cable lock that threads itself neatly away in your handlebars, bar tape that spells out a story or creates a seamless picture when wrapped neatly.

With Pegoretti and his dedication to steel and aluminium frame-building speaking for non-mainstream values, one would expect the man so sit in the camp of cycling traditionalists, however, asked about the world of bicycling, Pegoretti takes a far more considered and progressive stance...


Q - Did you recognize any kind of special trend in the bike business in the last few years?

Maestro P - "I can only talk about the experiences in my job, which is oriented to road-racing bicycles, and not urban cycling. We have seen some changes in the last decade, today people ask for a different product in comparison to the mass product. Today I receive many requests, a lot more than in the past, about the possibility to have a different bicycle that is more like the traditional ones and follows their heritage."

Q - How does the future of the bicycle look like in your opinion?

Maestro P - "I think that the future of the bicycle is in urban usage, because the traffic in the big cities is not acceptable at this moment. Especially in metro and downtown areas. I think that the bicycle can be a really good solution for this kind of problem that creates a really bad situation in my opinion. For example for the health and lives of the people."

Cycling accessories

With this philosophy of urban cycling leading the collection, this endeavour is certainly a departure from what we expect of Pegoretti. With cycling and cycling accessories in particular tipped to make a big impact on the way in which we enjoy bikes, the city scene is perceived to be the fastest expanding with regards to uptake, and the sleek stylish prototypes from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design seem to meld concepts neatly with aesthetics.

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