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Portland Design Works - From Barkeep to Cork Chop!

Portland Design Works are fully on board with the way we think when it comes to those special finishing touches that can take your bike from cor to phwoarr (technical terms of course). By offering something a little out of the ordinary - a solution to an everyday problem with a twist of Portland eccentricity, the chaps at PDW craft accessories designed to enhance your ride and day to day bike enjoyment. With a new delivery of some of their latest bike gizmos now on the site, comprising the Whiskey and Cork Chop Grips, plus the ingenious Barkeep, we thought we'd take the opportunity to share a few of them with you.


Portland Design Works Whiskey Grips


A word on the Barkeep - one of the cleverest, yet ever so simple tool-roll additions the chaps at PDW have made so far. Designed to work with both types of CO2 cartridges (yes there are two types, threaded and unthreaded - who knew!) the Barkeep features an outer casing to protect hands from the icy cold cannister and a pressure gauge to help regulate the flow; doing away with fiddly little pressure gauges and rubber casings that suck the life out of what should be a quick and easy process. As PDW's mantra goes, 'beautiful, simple gear for everyday cycling'. We couldn't agree more.


PDW Barkeep


Sporting vintage styling and the grippiest of surfaces for you to cling onto whilst cruising city streets, the Cork Chop Grips are made using a traditional rubber and cork compound. Tasty.


Portland Design Works Cork Chop Grips


If you are looking for bar grips, finishing kit, bottle cages or clever solutions to problems you thought you were stuck with, then PDW may well have the answer.



Portland Design Works


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