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Has your grandma gone missing? Has the swish and click sound of her incessant knitting been replaced by scone-less silence? If so, Giro has relocated your favourite octogenarian and put her to work knitting its new line of 'Xnetic™' Knit shoes. Sadly, stories of unsustainable tea consumption, cheek-pinching, photo album pass arounds and gossiping breaks amongst this get-up-and-forget-where-to-go workforce have long been rumoured.

The Giro VR70 Knit Shoe in midnight blue
Above: The Giro VR70 Knit Shoe in midnight blue

Taking a lead from the running world where such things have been doing the rounds for the past few seasons, Giro has announced its new 'Xnetic™' Knit shoe collection featuring 3-D knit uppers with a bonded TPU exoskeletal system to provide hard pedalling support. Sporting low weight, sock-like comfort and a DWR water repellant coating, Giro will introduce models for city, trail and road.

Giro E70 Knit Shoe
Above: The Giro E70 Knit Shoe in black - charcoal - heather

Models in the Giro Knit Collection

The Giro Knit Collection includes the well-received Republic silhouette aimed at the commuting cyclist - working name Republic R - which will feature heel and toe protective sections. Fans of the rough stuff should look to the Empire VR70, which features a tall cuff and most extensive TPU skeleton of the range - both shoes are of course SPD-compatible. Finally, the Giro Empire E70 Knit rounds out the collection for black-top riders, which is built on the same platform as the US brand's existing Empire road-orientated shoe, and features the standard Look 3-Bolt type platform.

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