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The orange remains, but Team Euskaltel Euskadi show off a new design

Team Euskaltel Euskadi is without doubt a Basque cycling institution, but for 2013, this beloved team is ringing the changes with a shake-up of their rider roster and with a new team kit design that aims to inspire both rider and spectator alike.


Maybe it's the terrain, which rises and falls like the hopes of so many riders during the cycling season. From lofty col to rich, verdant valley, the Basque region is a cycling paradise - but the environment alone does not explain the passion that the Basques show for their team. Of course, like many aspects of Basque life, and cycling is just a small part, their passion and unwavering support is tied intrinsically to the love of their homeland. For this reason, Team Euskaltel kit has always featured the Basque Ikurrina (their flag), and for 2013 this is presented under both the arms (all the better for the victory salute!) and on the rear of the bib shorts in a more abstract, stylised design.

The 2013 Euskaltel Euskadi Jersey


The language of the Basque region is Euskara. For some mind boggling reason, it sounds like nothing else on Earth. A whole world away from Spanish, yet still spoken and taught in daily Basque life, it echoes throughout the core of what it means to be Basque. For 2013 then, the Team Euskaltel Jersey features the word 'Euskadi' (meaning the provinces Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa) and within that word, the all-important Basque letter 'K' written in the Basque font. This font is pretty much everywhere in the Basque country. From shop names to graffiti, to the very origins of its use in Basque woodwork, it's not an understatement to say that you can't walk 20 metres in any Basque town without seeing it.


Cultural references apart, the introduction of solid black areas on the sides of the jersey (designed to give a more svelte, trim look to the top & to represent bike supplier Orbea) wrap up the design changes, whilst on the manufacturing front, 2013 sees a change to European heavy-weight Bioracer of Belgium, the clothiers of the Belgium and German national teams and more recently, German band Kraftwerk!


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