The Pedla - Behind the Scenes on their Summer Shoot

Melbourne natives, The Pedla, were a new addition to our curated summer selection this season. Their simple designs and clashing striped patterns are perfect for bright, sun drenched days. The Pedla didn't only ship us over their kits however, they also sent some amazing photos of a ride the brand did in the Victoria countryside, just to the north of Melbourne.


The Pedla


So where is this cycling paradise Pedla took themselves too? Well, in order to shoot their spring/summer range they upped sticks and took kit, bikes, and cameras to an area called The Bend of Islands, in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria. This conservation area is protected by a local group, BICA, who work to keep the environment in tip top shape.


“The Bend of Islands Conservation Association is a friends and residents group dedicated to the flora and fauna conservation and community issues in the Bend of Islands area near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.” - BICA


The Pedla


Thanks to local involvement and a hardworking community the area has become a haven for cyclists and city residents alike looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of a working city. So other than the scenery, what draws south Australians out of their city lives? Well there's plenty of wildlife - think wombats and kangaroos - and riders also pass alongside the Yarra River, a temptation too sweet for many sun-baked cyclists, offering cool refreshment with a paddle or swim.


The guys at Pedla also recommended St Andrews Market. Held on Saturdays it's run by the local community and sells everything from local fresh produce to crafts. As well as this local hub there are plenty of coffee shops and places to refresh and refuel - we can see why they chose the area for a photo shoot!


The Pedla


Having areas such as the Bend of Islands in easy reach of the city has been a real benefit for the brand. Pedla like to put in as many miles as possible in their kits before they are released, making sure any tweaks or changes are done well before the kits hit the shelves - rider centric did you say? Oh yes!

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The Pedla


"The mind always tries to complicate, but the road to success is so enduringly simple. Just keep pedaling" - The Pedla



The Pedla


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