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The Tour of Britain Comes to Town!

This weekend saw the Tour of Britain come to our neck of the woods. Having been watching in the capital for the past few years, the race's rise in popularity has been obvious and the draw of some of the best teams and riders in the world brought out some good crowds.


Tour of Britian


Obviously a great place to watch the action is near Whitehall where the sprints take place but a top tip of ours would be to head to Tower Hill, the other major corner on the course where you see riders both slow down and then accelerate away down the embankment. A major, free to watch cycling event is always right up out street, especially when you are so close you can hear a not to be named Garmin rider yelling, "why the !@&* is no one chasing this down!"


Tour of Britian


Apologies must be made for the shaky photography - we are just fans, not pro snappers!

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