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Take that towpath you ride past every day - the one just before the busy stretch on your commute. Explore new paths, trails, bridleways and include a bit of sneaky single track into a training ride. Tackle down at heel lanes in winter, and worry not of the grit, grime and debris littered on the road. The kettle's on, pop down the shops - someone's eaten all the biscuits; it couldn't possibly have been you....

The Twin Six Standard Rando has been available in the US for some time now, both as a frameset and as one of Twin Six's complete bikes. We'll manfully hold back from waxing lyrical about how much we want one, how we'd configure and no doubt bed down in the garage with it, and instead, hand over to some top US journalists for their verdict.

For the past year, I’ve used the Rando to run errands, get to my son’s soccer practices, romp over gravel roads, and sprint for town signs on fast group rides. On excursions with no preset route, destination, or time frame, I found that the relaxed riding position allowed me to stay comfortable for as long as I wanted to go, and the larger tires gave me the confidence to ride over any terrain I encountered—without feeling beat up.

Colin McSherry, Bicycling Magazine
Twin Six Standard Rando Frameset
Twin Six Standard Rando Frameset

Made using Twin Six's custom steel tubing the Standard Rando Frameset really was designed for versatility, both in terms of what you can build it into, and what surfaces you can take it over. Our advice is to have a rough idea of what you want from the bike and where you'll be riding it, chat with your local bike mechanic, then pay our finishing kit section a visit for those extra personal touches - a little titanium never hurt anyone!

Twin Six’s offerings thus far are affordable, stylish and best of all: METAL.

John Watson, The Radavist

The presentation is top notch, and I have enjoyed the bike from an aesthetic aspect immensely. Fortunately, the details and fit are also very good which is quite impressive for a first time offering. Gravel roads are perfectly suited to this bike, and with grippy tires, you can even hit some light single track. Highly recommended for gravel travel and the value for the buck here is outstanding.

Guitar Ted, Riding Travel

The delightful versatility of the Standard Rando Frame is both a blessing and curse. In fact, another top tip learned the hard way is once you decide on a configuration, see it through, ride it for 6 months and then tweak. A slow build with every detail questioned and re-analysed will only lead to either an unfinished build or a melting pot of styles that will almost certainly fail to satisfy. Done right, and the Standard Rando could be the only bike you need (need, not want) marrying versatility, style and a huge scoop of fun to your riding.

Twin Six Standard Rando Frameset
Twin Six Standard Rando Frameset
Twin Six Standard Rando Frameset
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