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Sometimes you don’t want to have to take our word for it. Like when we said that frame bags were ideally suited for those long thin bike snacks you have been dying to carry (hot-dogs, cucumbers, enchiladas…). With such a great community of riders in the Always Riding stable we thought, why not pass it over to you guys for some top tips and heartfelt recommendations. Here then are our ‘tippy top’ top 10 products - time-proven staples and flashy newfanglers - as recommended by you, our humble hombres and modest mujeres (that means women, I am told, but don’t take my word for it...)!


Number 1 - Muxu Ride Japanese Denim Indigo Slim Fit Jean

“I'm not a jeans person, but I could wear these all the time....will need a second pair.”

“Once again, Muxu leave you annoyed that you put up with other jeans, and got sold on their marketing for so long.”

“They feel comfortable when riding and they look good off the bike as well.”


Number 2 - PDW The Bird Cage Bottle Cage

“It’s sleek and beautiful to behold, and, bike thieves permitting, it won't migrate over winter.”


Number 3 - Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

“Every time you think you could find a use for this bag, the makers, Chrome have already thought of it and you've yet to discover it. Chrome has done a superb job on this bag, every detail has input by a team of professional cyclists who know what they want from a commuting bag.”

“Chrome bags' reputation of being built to last is well known. Nevertheless, I was deeply impressed by the quality of this product. It's tough as a bag of old nails; so far it's comfortably survived the daily commute despite being packed it to the brim, dragged through Welsh rain and dropped multiple times.”

“Fit tons of crap in it. Comfortable. Waterproof.. etc etc.”


Number 4 - Outrider Colour Block Jersey

“This jersey brings a smile to the face every time I glance down to notice its surprising combination of colours and fabrics - that somehow work, and keep growing on me. The cut, quality and design are awesome.”

“Jersey is of an amazing quality, colours are vibrant!”


Number 5 - Henty Wingman Backpack

“This bag is great. It fits everything you need it to fit (including lunch). It looks great. It feels very comfortable when riding and doesn't get in the way… I highly recommend this bag to anyone considering getting it.”

“I manage to squeeze in a laptop, suit, shirt, tie, shower kit, towel, work shoes, gym shoes, lunch, D-lock and a few other bits and pieces without too much trouble.”

“After a 40 minute ride to work clothes are in great shape with no wrinkles. Very happy with this product.”


Number 6 - Silca HX-One Home and Travel Tool Kit

“As always great service, packaging and delivery from you guys, not to mention the stunning tools from Silica, have used them a lot so far and they are beautiful to look at and use, the price reflects the whole unit, top notch, highly recommend.”


Number 7 - DZR H2O Shoe v2

“Very good shoe, look great, very practical and very waterproof.”

“This is my second pair of H20s. The first pair were much loved, much worn and held up well during two-years of indulgent London riding. What can I say? They are simply fantastic. They’re solid, their rigid soles are great for power riding but not too rigid to deter walking and they are, well, waterproof. Plus they look good and smell good. Get yourself a pair. You won’t be sorry.”

“They're waterproof, really soft leather and look super cool… Highly recommended great looking shoes on or off the bike.”


Number 8 - Spurcycle Bell

“Everyone already knows that this is the best bell. Not sure who would even need to read another review. Nothing else comes close."


Number 9 - Giro Empire SLX Road Shoe

“They are the lightest cycling shoes I have ever worn in this world!”

“The shoes are amazingly light and fit brilliantly. The lacing makes complete sense and allows for custom tightening up the length of the foot. There's no denying that they are pricey, but they are totally worth it.”

“Amazing shoes, stiff, stylish and so comfortable.”

Number 10 - RedWhite The Bibs Long Distance Short

“I've been a satisfied user of Assos since the 1980s but these Redwhite bibs equal or even beat them on comfort and value for money. The insert is deeply padded but not intrusive, construction is top notch, the cut is perfect for me and the stretchy nylon-based fabric fits like a second skin.”

“This is a premium quality product. The fit & sizing are perfect and becomes more comfortable with every ride. I wear these bib shorts on most rides and when I don't I miss them. I will get a 2nd pair so that I have a pair to wear at all time.”

“I brought these bib shorts after seeing online reviews. I have been training for a ride in Italy and have been regularly riding 100K and these Bib Shorts have been excellent. Having now completed the three day ride with 300K plus over 3 days with over 4000M of seated climbing I cannot recommend these highly enough for comfort and fit.”

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