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Cycling and travel go hand in hand - cycling is in itself a form of travelling after all. Having a great bag to pack all your stuff into can make a big difference to your trip, whether you are looking for a commute bag which you can also use for holidays and weekend breaks, planning a trip where you'll take your bike along with you, or using your bike to get to the station or interchange for a trip. We've picked some of our favourite travel bags for cyclists - check them out below.

For travelling light on a weekend away

The Chrome Cardiel ORP Backpack - a cycle travel bag which is ideal when travelling light

Chrome Cardiel O.R.P. (Operation Readiness Pack)

The Cardiel Operation Readiness Pack (or O.R.P.) from Chrome is a one-of-a-kind travel bag. It is made from a super lightweight diamond ripstop nylon fabric and weighs just 400g / 0.9 lbs. At 24 litres it is towards the smaller end of the spectrum, but is ideal for short breaks where you only need to take the essentials. Because it packs up super small when not in use, it is great for taking along in your main travel bag on longer trips to be brought out for day excursions. The ORP has a simple roll-top closure with side buckles and comfortable padded shoulder straps. An adjustable chest strap helps spread the load and keep the bag from moving whilst riding.

Price (at time of writing): £79.00
Capacity: 24 litres
Style: backpack with chest strap
Great if: you're a minimalist traveller looking for a bombproof but super lightweight bag, or in need of a backpack which can be packed down inside another bag

For keeping clothes crease free

The Henty Wingman Backpack - a highly functional travel bag for cyclists which is ideal for transporting clothing crease-free

Anything from Henty

Henty bags have a unique design which combines a roll up suit bag with an internal tube bag, enabling you to easily carry smart clothes without suffering creasing en-route. The regular 'Wingman' sized bag (shown above) will fit one suit and two shirts or blouses plus 15 litres of whatever else you want to take along with you. The larger CoPilot will fit two suits, three shirts or blouses and 20 litres of other stuff. Both sizes have a dedicated laptop pocket and are fully weatherproof. The bags are available as a backpack or messenger bag and can be taken as a carry on bag with most airlines. Check out the video below to see just how much can be rolled into a CoPilot!

Price (at time of writing): £135.00-195.00
Capacity: 1-2 suits, 2-3 shirts/blouses and 15-20 litres of other stuff depending on size chosen
Style: backpack or messenger bag style with chest/waist straps, and extra carry handle
Great if: you want to keep clothing crease free whist travelling with your bike

If you’re travelling with a Brompton

The Carradice City Folder bag for Brompton bicycles is big enough for short trips away

Carradice Originals City Folder Bag

The Brompton bicycle is a proper transport integrator, making it easier to combine cycling with public transport for longer distance trips away, whether for business or pleasure. The Carradice Originals City Folder Bag is primarily designed for commuting, but travel light and its 25 litre capacity provides plenty of space for a trip away. We love the City Folder's classic style, practical design and the way it neatly attaches onto the bike when used in combination with Brompton's front carrier block system.

Price (at time of writing): £94.99
Capacity: 25 litres
Style: shoulder bag with carry handle
Great if: you want a stylish and practical Brompton bag suitable for short trips away

For longer trips away

The Chrome Macheto Travel Pack has an amazing internal layout for keeping contents organised and easily accessible - the biggest of our travel bags for cyclists

Chrome Macheto Travel Pack

The Macheto Travel Bag from Chrome has a whopping 42-48 litres of capacity which is neatly segmented into two main compartments. These can be easily accessed by unzipping the bag down the middle and folding it open. This design is great for compartmentalising contents and keeping everything organised and within easy reach. The bag can be carried as a backpack, briefcase or tote. When you need to stow the bag in a locker or luggage rack or when you are carrying it as a holdall or brief you can tuck the backpack straps away - neat! Although it is large, the Macheto's boxy shape makes it easy to pack, store and transport efficiently.

Price (at time of writing): £175.00
Capacity: 42-48 litres
Style: backpack, brief or tote, it's your choice!
Great if: you want a really well laid out travel bag with an easy access interior and various carrying options

For travelling tech nerds

Chrome Hightower Travel Backpack

The Chrome Hightower Travel Backpack is a slimmed down, tech-oriented version of the Macheto, offering 23 litres of storage space. This includes dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves, a phone pocket and plenty of space for cables, chargers and so on. Like the Macheto, it has both backpack straps and top and side carry handles. It also has a wide opening top zip which unzips all the way down the sides for easily accessing contents.

Price (at time of writing)): £145.00
Capacity: 23 litres
Style: backpack with chest strap, top and side handles
Great if: you travel with a lot of tech

A bag for every eventuality

The Restrap Commuter Backpack is primarily for commuting, but its smart design makes it ideal for a range of uses including longer trips away

Restrap Commuter Backpack

The Restrap Commuter Backpack is ideal if you're looking for a day to day bag which can also handle the odd trip away. It is really flexible, with a variable capacity thanks to its roll-top closure design and side cinch straps. These enable you to adjust the bag's volume based on how much space you need at any one time. At its smallest it offers just 10 litres of capacity but will 'grow' to a very generous 35 litres when required. It has loads of different sized pockets for storing everything you want to keep easily accessible, but retains a smooth sleek profile so it can easily be tucked under a desk or in a locker. Daily commute, weekend city break or escape to the country, this one handles it all.

The Joy of Great Cycling Socks
ReadThe Joy of Great Cycling Socks

Price (at time of writing): £130.00
Capacity: 10-35 litres
Style: backpack with chest strap and additional carry handle
Great if: you want a well designed, no nonsense bag with a very flexible capacity and loads of easily accessible pockets

With a generous 28 capacity and wide zippered entry, the Brigade backpack from Chrome toes the line between commute and travel bag nicely

Chrome Brigade Backpack

The Brigade backpack from Chrome is designed primarily for commuting, but has lots to offer when you're travelling too. Its tough high-denier nylon construction means it is well up to the rigours of daily use, whilst its overall design makes it very convenient and flexible for a range of circumstances. In fact, Chrome describe it as the Swiss Army Knife of the bag world! The main bag compartment is accessed via a wide zippered top opening so you can easily access contents, and there are a range of internal and external pockets for keeping everything organised. A magnetic helmet leash and extra straps and flaps on the outside make it easy to increase your load without needing the bag itself to be bigger.

Price (at time of writing): £145.00
Capacity: 28 litres
Style: Backpack with chest strap and top handle
Great if: you want a big commute-cum-travel bag


If size is everything, at either end of the spectrum you have the whopping Chrome Macheto (48 litres) and the streamlined Chrome Cardiel O.R.P (24 litres, 400g). For Brompton owners, the Carradice Originals City Folder really comes into its own for conferences and other business trips, or weekends away visiting friends and family. If keeping your clothes in tip top condition when travelling is a priority, the Henty range is ideal. If you travel with a lot of tech (whether for work or pleasure) the Chrome Hightower might be the bag for you. And if you want a bag which is great for commuting and travel, the Restrap Commuter and the Chrome Brigade are worth a look.

All the bags featured in this blog are designed to be comfortable to wear when cycling and are finished to a very high standard, with long term durability in mind. With the exception of the Hightower (which is not specifically designed to offer enhanced weather protection), all of the bags are highly weatherproof and will cope well with various riding conditions.

Why not browse the range further below, or check out our entire bag selection here, and as ever, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.



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