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Looking for a salad that’s going to pack a protein punch, taste great and that isn’t a nightmare to produce? Well look no further than the Pedal Bites Tuna, Beans & Grains Salad!

This vibrant little number is full of colour and texture, and is all but guaranteed to elicit groans of satisfaction once you down tongs and tuck in! Perfect for a post lunchtime-turbo, workout at the gym or a quick run, it’s a salad for everyone to enjoy, and you can't say that about all salads.


½ cup of Cooked Quinoa
½ cup of red beans, cooked
1 Beetroot, cooked and cut into wedges
Handful of spinach leaf
50g feta cheese
½ tin of tuna
Salt and pepper
Olive Oil
Lemon juice



1. Presuming that you’ve bought ready-to-eat quinoa, and your beans are cooked already – you can skip this part. If not then you'll need to cook the quinoa

2. To do so: boil a small pot of salted water, and then add in the quinoa. Cook for 8 minutes and then drain and run under cold water

3. Chop the beetroot up into wedges, along with the feta cheese

4. Quickly wash and drain the spinach before adding to the bowl. Followed by the beetroot, feta and quinoa

5. Mix the tuna with the lemon juice, salt and pepper and taste – seasoning according to your taste

6. Add in the red beans and toss all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and your ready to serve

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About the Rider: Riley
Aussie and trained Chef Riley is best know for wearing outrageous kit/sock combos while exploring the roads less ridden. When not cooking up a storm, he can be found out on the bike dreaming up new ideas for more delicious recipes.
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