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No high-profile names or accounts of epic battles for prestigious podium placings in this one, and almost certainly no running. Just a set of photos of a group of friends riding some of the iconic roads in the French Alps, captured on Ilford 35mm film by analogue devotee Luke Pritchett.

A warming yet haunting quality permeates the images, perfectly capturing the stark, silent majesty of the environment. With Luke shooting from the hip as he rode, the grain and feel of the film is palpable, possibly perceived as imperfections to some, but to others, as pure visual vinyl.

Post mountain styling

The ride was a perfect opportunity to combine my love of cycling and vintage photography. Cycling is a sport steeped in its own history and heroic tales with phenomenal backdrops setting the scene perfectly. Some black and white film in a Lomo camera illustrates the adventure and drama of the sport really well.


The Lomo LCA+ is light and compact enough to fit into the back pocket of a cycling jersey. Normally used for street photography this little camera performed admirably whilst I rode my bike one handed. Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35mm was the perfect choice to capture the interchangeable mood and atmosphere of the alpine climate.

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About the Rider: Luke Pritchett
An analogue photography enthusiast, shunning the digital world in preference of the grain, grit and glory of film, Luke enjoys the beautiful imperfections of a slightly broken vintage camera, and an adventure to take it on.
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