Vulpine A/W Collection - A Foray into Ultralight Down

The Ultralight Down Jacket is a proven essential for the outdoor explorer, whether venturing up mountain passes or traversing the city sprawl. Included in Vulpine's A/W collection are the Ultralight Gilet and Jacket - stuffed with Primaloft's highest grade Gold fill.


Vulpine Ultralight Down Jacket Vulpine Thermal Gilet


Now, down jackets do tend to divide opinion amongst cycling aficionados, frankly because they are so damn warm! Ok, they are not ideal for intense training sessions or to be used in place of a featherlight packable wind protecting number, but, stuff your Ultralight Down into a pannier or rucksack and you will be mighty grateful of it on multi day tours, or simply if you're unlucky enough to get a puncture on a cold winter commute.


All in all we think it's a touring and urban riding winner but do bear in mind that good old Primaloft Gold will make you as warm as the middle of a freshly toasted pitta.

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