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Not too hot, not too cold - all about weather resistant cycling jerseys

Ride conditions are frequently changeable, and unless you are lucky enough to live in a warm, predictable climate, there’s always that moment pre-road ride where peering out of the window is the only way to decide if you should go with a gilet, jacket or chance it with just a baselayer, jersey and arm warmer combination. The agony of choice indeed! However the weather resistant cycling jersey could be your answer.


Designed specifically to combat the sort of blustery, showery conditions that have our intrepid rider peeping between the curtains, the new wave of short sleeve water repellant / wind proof cycling jerseys simplify things somewhat, providing a decent level of rain protection paired with wind resistance or proof-ness, without the threat of sporadic overheating that can come with a jersey / jacket combination. The infamous Castelli Gabba is perhaps the best well known of the all weather jersey mainly due to its ability to cause pro riders a momentary lack of loyalty to their sponsors offerings when the weather looks ominous. Cafe du Cycliste’s Josette Jersey offers a less racy approach whilst Etxeondo, supplier of Team Giant Shimano, recently added the WS Team Edition Jersey.


Castelli Gabba 2 Cafe du Cycliste Josette Jersey


Designed like a standard cycling jersey, they offer the usual rear pocket arrangement, short sleeves and full front zips, differing only in the fabric make-up, which is often a more advanced ‘water off a duck’s back’ material.To wear this sort of jersey effectively, our advice would be to pair it with a suitable first layer (a baselayer, if you will) and arm warmers made with a similar water repellent fabric than can be whipped off when the sun peeps from behind dark clouds. The Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmers would definitely be worth a look, offering as they do water repellant protection to match the characteristics of the jersey.


So there you have it – a water and wind protective cycling jersey as an alternative to a cycling jacket / jersey combination. It might not change the world, but if it can make your ride a little better, that will do for us.

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