Chamois Cream & Embrocation

All weather riders, long distance riders - they all have a little secret, and it definitely is not shaving their legs whilst enjoying a lilac scented bubble bath, no matter what you may have heard. Their secret is chamois cream and lashings of embrocation, rubbed vigorously into battle hardened bodies during countless pre-ride rituals the world over.

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Two distinct products, chamois cream is designed to prevent and treat saddle sores, and is usually applied to the saddle contact point areas of the body, and for good measure, squeezed onto the chamois itself. Embrocation however is quite different. Designed for use in cool to very cold rides (there are different creams for varying conditions), it is rubbed into the exposed areas, usually the legs, preparing the muscles for exertion, warming during the ride, all whilst providing a weatherproof film.

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