Rider rewards

Rider rewards

One of Always Riding’s greatest strengths!
That’s right, the good old rider community that means so much to us. Whether reviewing a purchase or sharing the site with friends, it’s your interaction and support that helps to make Always Riding something we can all enjoy, which is why we’ve made earning Rider Rewards really simple.
How to earn points?
  • Refer friends

    Sign up to My Account and use the Referrals page to invite your friends.

    100 Rider Points per invite

    100 Rider Points if they sign up

    500 Rider Points if they place an order


    Create an account or place orders to get points. The more you order the more points you get!

    500 Rider Points
    when you create an account

    1 Rider Point for
    every £1 you spend

  • Review your purchases

    Write a few words about the products you have bought. Don't worry, we'll remind you with a timely email!

    100 Rider Points for
    every purchase you review

Rider points explained
  • Points value
    1 point = 1 pence
    1000 -£10
    500 -£5
    400 -£4
    200 -£2
    100 -£1
  • How to spend points

    When you visit the shopping bag you’ll find a swish little blue slider that allows you to play with how many points you would like to spend towards an order. A word of warning though, it gets a little addictive!

    Checking your points balance

    Rider Points are totalled and displayed in the Points section of the My Account area. Not only will this area show your balance, but points history too. In another section marked Referrals, you can also find and share your unique share URL.

  • Community Guidelines

    Rider Points are awarded under a fair use policy. If you spend some time sharing the site and referring fellow cyclists, or writing informative and helpful reviews, we’ll get those points into your account pronto.

    We’re pretty informal here, but if there is some questionable content that doesn’t provide value to the community, or site interaction that looks a little strange, then we’ll step in to make sure the fair use policy is preserved.

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